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My name is William.
Here on WA I refer to myself as 'Pepper Guy'.
I spent 20 + years in the US ARMY, then spent another 15+ years working in the retail trade.
Several years ago I began working with internet marketing. The learning curve was steep. It was also costly.
After a couple of years of hit and miss, I came to the realization IM is not all that easy and being successful does take work.

A lot of work.

In my spare time, I relax by working in my tomato and pepper garden.

Lately, I have taken on the challenges of:

Walking a million steps in a hundred days.
Running a 5k run in 90 days.
Walking a half marathon in a 120 days.
Walking a marathon in a 160 days.
And losing 100 pounds by June 2015.

I came to the realization getting fit is not all that easy and to do so does take work.

Thanks for visiting my profile.

Sincerely, William

Now, it's your turn.
Go do something!
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mama2karsten Premium
Hello there Pepper Guy... was an interesting live chat adventure last night... what a group! They are all great fun but also great sources of knowledge.

I would like to acknowledge how wise you are in finding your way back to WA... Perhaps you'll join us for Friday night Wabby and then hang out a bit in with Labman and company while we share or annoy each other.. can always go either way... :)

Anyway, Welcome back and hope to see you around here and there... Julie
Pepper Guy Premium
Thanks Julie. I will.LOL Great meeting you
findingemo Premium
I thought I was already following you...I guess not, i'll get the hang of this WA eventually.....LOL. Welcome back Bill! :)
Pepper Guy Premium
LOL..Now you are following ...Thank You, Patty
lanesamarie Premium
I'm glad your back:)
Pepper Guy Premium
Thank You, Nenita
jespinola Premium
Welcome Back Will :)
Pepper Guy Premium
Thanks Jorge
jespinola Premium
Labman Premium
Welcome back Bill
Pepper Guy Premium
thanks Craig