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October 12, 2013
Thought I was leaving at the end of the month, which left me a little time to finish up at WA. Received an email from WA, probably an autoresponder, that read "We're sorry to see you go. ..You're account will be closed in a couple days." ??? My membership is paid through October 26th. So, why is it being closed in a couple days? That means I won't have time to reach the people I want to reach before leaving. What a way to go after four years of membership. That doesn't feel good. At any rate
...At least for a little while. Being a member of Wealthy Affiliate has been one of the most enjoyable and beneficial things I have ever done online. Not only have I learned a great deal about marketing, but the friendships I made here are so precious to me. I've been here for four years already, and would continue being a member, but there has been no time to avail myself of any of the great things WA has to offer. There hasn't even been time to write blogs or comment very much on other
Nobody seems to ask that question, so I figured I would. I originally came to Wealthy Affiliate to acquire knowledge of online marketing in general, so that I could apply what I learned to anything I wanted to do, even offline. Education is education, to be used in many creative ways. I never set out to be an affiliate marketer, though I had done that even before I came here. I had an affiliate site that was like a small department store, and 2 e-commerce sites. And I used all of them to make m
September 10, 2013
Just a little rant. It’s important to be a positive person. I know that. Yes, I get new thought. What you think is what you get. You create your own reality. You can’t bury your frustration though. You have to express it, then get rid of it. Erase it fast. What happens when your patience is tried beyond tolerable limits? A rant. I am a positive person most of the time. Even today, I’m optimistically hanging onto my wits, trying not to fall to the ground in a puddle of despair, while at th
Have taken some time, that frankly, I don't really have, to dig into the world of Emerson through his writings, particularly his essays. I'm taking a course in Transcendentalism and spirituality, which is not only reaffirming my own inner convictions about life, but also, it is reminding me of why I am so at peace with New England, where I was born and now live. My deepest roots are definitely here, even if I move to another part of the country. There are many great writers from all over
August 19, 2013
Digital everything? How would you like to live in one of these? Is this the way of the future? Hope the parts are good and secure. Thought you'd enjoy seeing this. link
Is it possible that I am slipping into an online existence that actually feels comfortable and perfectly designed for me? I guess things happen in their own time. It's no secret that techy stuff frustrates me, and has frustrated me from the very beginning. Perhaps I was born a generation too early. It was before the geek plugin was installed in human brains, somewhere around the year 5 AD. Other than that, there is so much I truly enjoy about being online. I LOVE the communication with othe
Feng Shui is the only way! Panic has set in! HELP!!! I must roll it back. It's like Kudzu under my own roof. Have to save myself from being completely swallowed up in a sea of obsolete ideas, notes, how to's, and paper clutter that has been accumulating over the past 10 years. Not joking. What a mess! I don't like clutter in any form. I'm usually uncomplicated, neat, and you might say organized. I've never been so scattered before. All over the place. Not practical. Clutter affects your
Have you ever heard it said that thinking can be dangerous? Thinking can often put us on the wrong track. You can't figure everything out just by thinking. Why? Because it's too linear, therefore limiting. You miss out on the spaces in between thoughts, where the real gems hide out. This is true for all human beings, not just artists and scientists. It's true for teachers, for doctors, lawyers, merchants, politicians, athletes, entrepreneurs, gardeners, florists, and everybody else. Rem
July 16, 2013
If you've been hanging around the Internet for more than a year, I'm willing to wager you are very skeptical. I'll wager you sleep with one eye open. Maybe you've always been skeptical. Maybe you are the "prove it to me" type. I understand. To that, I would say good for you. You will save yourself much grief in the end. Be wary. Be shrewd. Don't be gullible. Watch your resources. Don't invest a lot of money in anything until you assess the return on your dollar, as well as the time it take