Here are some much better programs than Amazon.

Last Update: April 03, 2015

Upon trying to search for Affiliate programs to monetize my site I found some great ones.

I used Amazon on my last site and I am really not happy with them. Here is why:

  1. You are going to have to join several of them eg. .com .eu to get a good global reach as each one only ships to a particular region.
  2. Which leads to another problem that means you have to add multiple links to reach all of your audience, this or the option before it are not really viable options.
  3. (don't get me wrong Amazon is fine if you plan on targeting a particular region or country)
  4. Their widgets and banners are tacky looking and as Jay says they don't convert very well.
  5. They wont pay you for selling to friends or family, this is a big no no.
  6. They don't give newbies long enough to make a sale before closing them down. Months of writing content can lead to you having to add every single link again when you re-apply.
  7. They pay very poor commission.

There are loads of great programs out there but let me tell you about two that I applied for. Where Clickbank and Commission Junction offer ebooks and stuff like that I found ones that give you access to hundreds of companies offering services and products-

TradeDoubler and Affiliate Window.

These companies are an intermediate for many big companies worldwide and these companies use these companies to outsource their affiliate programs. I got access to the likes of Expedia and Stena line.

You have access to well known high street stores like boots and Debenhams (UK stores) then theres website services such as flight comparisons and online stores.

You also have the power of having well known companies featured on your site who offer much better commissions. I found one on Affiliate Window called find my past (A genealogy company) who offer 50%, and $2 when someone takes a free trial.

The choice of companies vary depending on the country you are in so theres something to suit worldwide.

These are just some suggestions for you all, I hope they help.


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Mantispath Premium
Thank you for that. I didn't have most the complaints you did about Amazon, but the comissions are so insanely low you have to have 1000s of people clicking on them all the time to even try to earn anything decent. Thank you for sharing two better options with us.
jasontw111 Premium
Cookies are terrible too, the ones I mentioned give you 30 days
TaesikYoon Premium
I felt same as you about Amazon system.
It's not good at all. :-(

I was finding like this.
Thanks for sharing great info!
Electra-5150 Premium
Yeah, i got shut down with Amazon(usa) for not making a sale.
But my U.K one is still open even though i haven't sold a thing.
TimBartrum Premium
Cool, that sounds good. Did you know you can get a link globalization called georiot tool to make Amazon links direct to the country the visitor lives in? I used it once, but then I decided to just target the US (even though I live in the UK) since it was simpler. But yeah, that still doesn't fix the other problems you mentioned. At least you've found a better affiliate program :)
ernestr Premium
is this allowed by amazon? they have some really strict rules and won't hesitate to close your account for good if they feel like it.
TimBartrum Premium
Why wouldn't it be allowed? It doesn't say anything bad against using stuff like this does it?
Wouldn't it be helping Amazon because it would be driving customers to their amazon store specific to their country and therefore amazon will get more money/customers? I mean, they should LIKE stuff like this shouldn't' they? Hmm... I don't know, but I know that a few people do use it. Someone showed me it on WA.
jasontw111 Premium
Selling to our friends and relatives is helping Amazon too but still didn't stop them pulling the plug on it.
jasontw111 Premium
Selling to our friends and relatives is helping Amazon too but still didn't stop them pulling the plug on it.
cm2108 Premium
Nice info! Thanks for sharing! Gus
langus Premium
Hi every one, it sounds like Amazon is behaving like a spoiled brat!
and has an attitude that no one is as good as them!. oh dear ! such a bad move in this economy! the bigger they come the harder they fall!