Wealthy Affiliates Success Stories


There are tons of success stories from many individuals here at Wealthy Affiliate.

There are people here from all different walks of life from all over the globe. The community is so vibrant and Kyle and Carson are always rolling out new features to make the community even more world class.

I am so proud to be a part of this supportive community and I welcome one and all to partake in this unique opportunity.

So, have you had any wealthy affiliates success stories so far?

Share your unique story within the comments so that others may get a bit of inspiration and the drive to succeed.

Are you a new member who wonder if Wealthy Affiliate works for sure?

There are many success stories here, but let me start with a recent success...

This success is my personal success for today September 24, 2016:

Today I checked my Wealthy Affiliate earnings and I realized that for the last 24 days, I have earned $904.50.

Today I earned commissions of $30.50 and that is while I am here helping out others on my website and here interacting and helping out other members within Wealthy Affiliate.

The day before I earned the same.

I am not showing you this to boast, but rather to show you what is possible with having an online business and having Wealthy Affiliate as the ultimate guide to getting there.

My success is small to some and huge to others. I have seen other members blogged about making their first $1 online while others have blogged about earning their first $10,000.00, $30,000 and upwards of $50,000.

The sky is merely the limit when it comes to affiliate marketing.

You may find their story inspiring when you read about some of them:




There is of course a ton more blog posts on Wealthy Affiliates Success Stories available online. The above are just a few examples.

What we all have in common is our work ethic and the desire to succeed no matter the obstacles or challenges.

All of this earnings does depend on you of course. The magic formula is YOU the individual taking the action to make your dream a reality.

There is ONE thing that I know for sure: You will not be successful if you are just sitting on the fence and waiting for a miracle to happen or luck to favor you. You simply need to have a desire to succeed and of course put in the action to make it a reality.

Wealthy Affiliate provides the tools, the support and everything else to allow us all to succeed online. It's all about you taking action towards achievement for sure.

I do look forward to seeing more success stories as we all continue our journey with Wealthy Affiliate.


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Recent Comments


Great inspiration there Jason, thanks for sharing :)

Thank you again, Jude.

You are an inspiration yourself.

Thank you very much :)


I would first like to say congratulations. It seems that you have built a comfortable home here at WA and your success alone has inspired me.
I have only been a member here at WA for 2 weeks now, but do have a small success story of my own. No money was involved or anything of that nature. Just simply something that really gave me a boost of confidence.
The very first "Post" I wrote on WA was using the keyword "Tired of overpaying for gaming". I wrote about it in my last blog about 30 mins ago. Would post the link but I am not sure if that is appropriate here or not.
Either way, it is now the #1 ranked page out 1.9 million under that keyword on Google. May not seem like much to a lot of people, but for me, it showed me that this is something I can make happen if I work hard it.
Thank you for sharing these words of inspiration.

Best Wishes,


Congratulations to you as well.

Keywords are like the golden nuggets of marketing online. You have just barely scratched the surface and I am sure that you are going to be doing pretty good as you continue the courses.

Welcome again to Wealthy Affiliate and I am happy that I was able to inspire you.

You can do whatever you put your mind to for sure.

See you around our community.

Congrats for providing the motivation to keep going. What you have made so far is huge to me, because I'm still waiting to make my first $1. So far I've made $3.73 from Google Adsense, and that's it. I really need to start making some money soon to be able to continue paying my membership fee. I feel like I'm trying so hard but nothing is happening.

Thank you, Carol and you are also welcomed.

You have come a long way for sure. Most people never see their first dollar until after the 6-month mark in the online marketing world.

I consider your earnings so far with Google a very good one. One thing is for sure: if you are able to make a dollar online then you are certain to make thousands more.

The most important thing is not to quit along the way. I know for sure that this business model works and I will never quit.

Keep working on your website and provide value to your visitors and eventually, you will see a lot more success.

Thanks Jason!

Hey Carol,

It's surely my pleasure.

Very nice Jason! It gives me the motivation needed to keep on keeping on! Keith

Thank you, Keith.

You can do much more once you put your whole mind to the task ahead.

You are doing good so far, just keep pushing forward with action

Buen post Jason y enhorabuena por lo conseguido

Gracias tanto Kike. Espero verte tener éxito pronto.

¿Cómo has estado haciendo hasta ahora con la formación y su sitio web?

Enviar un mensaje privado.

la cosa va bien poco a poco voy entendiendo voy por la lección la web la estructura esta hecha y tengo dos post pero estoy probando

De acuerdo. Enhorabuena y buen trabajo hasta ahora. Mantenga las pruebas hasta que vea los resultados correctos.

Déjame saber si puedo ayudar en algo.

Jason, Congrats!

Thank you.

Thanks. I needed this.

Nice work,

Thanks for this post with substance!

Great success post to refer folks to, thanks for sharing.

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