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I just read a very important post from Roope. It's about newbies who are starting out with affiliate marketing and quitting before they start earning money from their websites.If you are a new member of Wealthy Affiliate and want to actually be successful, it is important that you read the short post.=> Read It hereThis will help you to stay focused and earn more money for the long term.I believe in you :)Jason
Hey WA community.Is there a problem with Jaaxy?I am using the Site Rank feature in Jaaxy to see which of my posts are ranking in the search engines.I notice that nothing is showing up for the Google results in Jaaxy (Yahoo and bing are ok)However, when I do a search in incognito mode for the same exact keyword in Google, it's showing results on the first page.Is anyone else experiencing this?Here is a screenshot to show what I mean.
Hey guys!I know how difficult it can be for especially newbies to find a profitable niche to start out with in affiliate marketing.I am always doing research online and have seen a lot of niches which has demand and less competition, however, I am unable to enter into them for myself because I am totally busy with my other niches.Today I want to share the Shower Head Niche to anyone interested in making this their niche. I have used the Jaaxy Keyword research tool and it has given some low good
Did you know that you've got greatness within you?Yes, it's totally true.Just recently, I attended a conference in New Kingston, Jamaica, featuring the world renowned motivational speaker, Les Brown.I have always admired his speeches, along with other motivational speakers such as Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins, etc.So, when I found out that he was scheduled to speak on November 4, 2017, I made it a point of my duty to be there in person.It was just awesome to be surrounded by a group of su
March 06, 2017
Focus On ONE WebsiteStudies show that when you focus on ONE website at a time, you will see more success that way.Everyday, more and more people are discovering that affiliate marketing is a true lucrative opportunity and flock online to venture into this business model.One of the biggest mistakes I see that many people make is working on multiple affiliate websites all at the same timeThis is sure recipe for failure - especially if you are new to this type of business.Believe me, I made the sa
Wealthy Affiliate Las Vegas - 2017 ConferenceSince getting back from the Wealthy Affiliate Las Vegas Conference, I have been so busy with working on my website(s) along with spending time with my family.I am literally just getting the time to write my conclusion of the experience.If you did not get a chance to see my last two Wealthy Affiliate Las Vegas Posts, you can check them out below:First Wealthy Affiliate Las Vegas Post!Second Wealthy Affiliate Las Vegas Post!One thing is for sure: I am
How Do You Get Paid By Wealthy Affiliate?Do you want to know How Do You Get Paid By Wealthy Affiliate?Well look no further - this blog post are the instructions you are looking for.Note that you are able to get paid by Wealthy Affiliate as a Free Starter Member or as a Premium member.Commissions for the Free starter Wealthy Affiliate members are half of what premium Wealthy Affiliate members will receive.You can find the full Wealthy Affiliate commission structure for both starter and premium
Wealthy Affiliate Las Vegas!View previous post hereHello again, everyone,This is going to be a very quick update about the experience thus far at the Wealthy Affiliate Las Vegas .We all had our first meet and greet up in the private ultra VIP MGM SkyLofts - Kyle and Carson really do know how to show genuine hospitality to all their members in a real luxurious setting.It's a great feeling to actually get the chance to meet up with all the other Wealthy Affiliate members in the flesh and getting
January 29, 2017
Wealthy Affiliate Las Vegas!Hey, everyone,I just want to begin by saying that with concentration of efforts, you can achieve ANYTHING in life.So, I am now in Las Vegas to meet up with Kyle, Carson and other members of Wealthy Affiliate.I actually arrived a day earlier, due to flying in from the tropics (from Montego Bay, Jamaica). The complete flight was over 6 hours.Las Vegas is truly a remarkable spectacle - it is amazing to see the vast development of incredible buildings in the middle of t
Black Friday Yearly Deal!I just upgraded to the yearly premium membership! If you have not already upgraded to the premium yearly membership, what are you waiting for?This is absolutely the most insane deal for ANYONE who is serious about running a successful online business from home. I will now pay $0.82 Per Day to run a real business. For anyone out there who wants real financial freedom without having to pay a fortune, this wealthy affiliates Black Friday Yearly Deal is for you.All the