Content Creation: Plan & Execute, or Fade Away

Last Update: June 11, 2018

I took the time to connect with a few very experienced marketers to get their input regarding content creation.

At times, I myself am guilty of worrying if I am heading in the right direction to grow and maintain my business.

(Three years later, yes, their still can be doubts no matter how many personal milestones you may have reached).

After joining WA, putting in much work and following the training, I was able to experience success. Let's just say my expectations were passed, and then some!

However, I didn't necessarily have a plan in place for creating content nor a writing schedule. I just wrote whenever, but did so often...

My "plan" before consisted of brainstorming, researching a single keyword, creating titles, formatting my post, and writing all in one sitting.

If this sounds familiar to you, their are more effective ways that you can go about creating content which I will share in the coming sections.

Laziness is a Business Killer

Overtime, though I was working less, income and traffic seemed to be increasing steadily.

Probably from all the hard work I put in early on.

With business seemingly on the rise, I thought I would be able to just sit back and bear the fruits for years to come.

It didn't workout this way.

I still make a decent income each month, but traffic eventually faded, and I am nowhere near where I should be had I continued grinding away.

I chose not to keep up with content creation and am paying for it.

But that's OK!

I know what it takes to get back up on my feet and have a community of help and support here to guide me in the right direction.

I even reached out to a few experienced members of the community to gather their thoughts on content creation. Here's what I learned...

Content Creation: Plan & Execute, or Fade Away

A big part of growing a new website or maintaing one that you've been working on for months, is creating new content regularly.

You don't need to be a highly skilled writer to accomplish this, English doesn't even have to be your native language (if English speakers is your target audience), you just need to be consistent.

How Often Should I Create Content?

There's no set rule for creating new content for your website.

But it is recommended that you aim for a minimum of 2-3 high-quality posts per week.

The more high-quality content you post, the better your chances of seeing rankings with Google, Yahoo, etc., and bringing in readers to your site.

Who can then take you up on your affiliate offers, thus making you money.

If you can do more than 2 or 3 posts for week, have at it!

If you can only produce one new article per week, that's fine as well. Just realize the more quality content you put out their, the more likely you are to see results. And sooner.

The More The Better

One argument revolving around content creation is that creating very lengthy posts, tend to rank better.

I would consider anything between 3,000 and 10,000+ words, a damn lengthy post.

I'm not going to argue with this as the more content the better (in terms of ranking) seems to make a lot of sense.

However, depending on which particular keyword you are targeting, or just your niche in general, it may be a bit more difficult to come up with 3,000 or 10,000 word articles.

I typically aim for a minimum of 1,000 words, depending on the topic. (800 absolute minimum). And you can still see rankings with just 1,000 word posts.

I would also suggest experimenting a bit.

Vary the length and format of your content, try adding video to your posts, mix it up a bit to see what works in terms of ranking.

Plan Your Content

I'm sure you've heard this advice before but take a day or a few hours to plan your content.

I know members who dedicate their whole working Monday to keyword research.

Getting into a publishing routine can be of great help. Even if you can only spend just a couple of hours one day of the week, try:

Research & Prepare

  • Research all at once
  • Find keywords all at once
  • Create titles all at once
  • Add headings and sections to your content, all at once
  • Sit down and write

Researching and preparing in this way makes the task of publishing content much less tiresome.

All the research and formatting is already done, you just need to add in quality content.

If you can only dedicate a couple of hours with researching, try to prepare your next 5-10 articles following the steps above.

If you dedicate an entire day, you can probably map out a full months worth of content that you would like to publish on your website.

Remember before, one of the issues I had was trying to do everything in just one sitting.

This can become a colossal bore and is not the most efficient way of creating content.

More Advice

Some more advice I received on the topic is that:

"Regular publishing is critical to maintaining ranks in Google. Content is ALWAYS key. Maintaining a writing schedule and publishing numerous posts a week is something that you must do.

Quality content with proper titles and use of keywords, plus engagement on your content over time [will help growth]. Google also loves to see content getting engagement."

(We can utilize SiteComments here at WA to help with engagement).

"When someone leaves a comment, get back to them and be thorough with your answer."

Just like we have SiteComments, we also have access to SiteContent. Which I find to be very convenient when creating content.

(Access to 1,000,000's of images, images already optimized, writing templates, and more).


I hope this doesn't make content creation seem like a daunting task, because it isn't!

I actually enjoy writing now more than before.

You have the freedom and flexibility to choose your niche, choose your keywords, and connect with your audience in your own unique way.

Remember, readers visiting your website are their to view your content.

It's the very thing that attracts people to your website in the first place.

The content.

If you can address your readers problems, concerns, or interests in a helpful way, you can succeed at affiliate marketing.

Be sure to come up with a regular publishing schedule using some tips above to help you to continue to grow your online business.

If you do these things, along with follow the training at WA, you are doing it right.

Stay Busy!

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jennyjewel Premium
Hi Jason, writing content is my demon. Any info to help me along with this is welcome. Thanks for the great tips. All the best.
JasonHeard Premium Plus
I have felt the same way in the past but realize content is an absolute must, whether video, blogs, etc.

You should enjoy the work you do, which is why I think the training recommends choosing a niche we are passionate about or have interest in.

If it feels like unbearable work every time you sit down to write for your website, I would consider a new approach or a new niche.
JerryMcCoy Premium
It is good to see someone who is experienced admit that laziness will get to you no matter how long you have been doing this.
JasonHeard Premium Plus
Hard work and consistency seems to be the theme to achieving just about anything worth achieving.

It's easy to lose sight of this when everything appears to be "going right".

Thanks for taking the time to comment, Jerry.
BenjisDad Premium Plus
One word bro.... Outsource.
JasonHeard Premium Plus
For many people just starting out, that may not be an option.

But outsourcing is definitely a great option once someone gets to that point.

Thanks for sharing, Chris!
BenjisDad Premium Plus
For sure. I would only outsource once the site is making money reinvest that back into the biz.

I became really consistent after I started outsourcing. So I can batch 12-20 articles and drip them over a month or two. Use WordPress auto post and I can leave the site be and concentrate on other aspects like promotion or YouTube
JasonHeard Premium Plus
Got a nice system going for you, right on!

I've worked with a few writers in the past but am taking on all of the tasks by myself at the moment.

Hiring virtual talent again will come soon.
Tomcat03 Premium
This was helpful for me, thank you
JasonHeard Premium Plus
Awesome, glad you found it helpful!
MKearns Premium
Be careful. Let it lapse and it WILL fade!
JasonHeard Premium Plus
After experiencing this first hand, I can tell you that I learned my lesson :).

Hope your doing well, Mike.