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This year's Black Friday sale, which is going on for at least the next 2 days, was a no-brainer for me.I'll SHOW you why, but first, a quick background story.I joined WA in 2015 and at the time I didn't know how I would be able to afford the extra $49 a month. It felt like a huge gamble.That same year, Black Friday came around and I was at a point where I was a bit more familiar with WA, affiliate marketing, and the opportunity in front of me.Yet still, there was no way I was going to be able t
February 01, 2020
Morining WAers!Haven't blogged here in a minute.Haven't blogged much at all, which is kind of the whole point of this quick update...I just wanted to share what is possible when you choose to follow and stick to the WA training.Kyle and Carson are keen on getting the fundementals right and building a solid foundation, as demonstrated in the training.It's important for new members to learn and also anyone wanting to establish a new online business.Things like having minimal plugins, fast website
June 01, 2019
This is a new one, for me at least.I received a Google "Hangouts" invite for something that would have normally went straight to the Spam folder in my inbox.Here it is:Personally, I will not be attending. Nor will I insert any of my information.Have you seen this before? What do you guys think?
The best work from home business ideas aren’t necessarily a secret, yet it may seem that way with all the misleading advice out there.The truth is, you DO have options when it comes to starting an online business which can result in earning money.We dive into these different options just below while sharing some real examples of people creating success.Your Best Options & Where To StartJust because each of these options below are viable ways of earning an income from home and the best
November 23, 2018
When it comes to productivity, I use three simple phrases (or questions) to ensure that work towards my online business gets done each day.Some days I'm feeling motivated and get lots done, other days, not so much. I'm sure anyone reading this can relate.It's also important to note that you are in complete control of how much time you devote to the training here at WA and the pace in which you build your own online business.If you can spend part-time or full-time hours working on your business,
I took the time to connect with a few very experienced marketers to get their input regarding content creation.At times, I myself am guilty of worrying if I am heading in the right direction to grow and maintain my business.(Three years later, yes, their still can be doubts no matter how many personal milestones you may have reached).After joining WA, putting in much work and following the training, I was able to experience success. Let's just say my expectations were passed, and then some!Howe
I just got a notification from Yoast that a certain setting within the plugin may be effecting SEO and potentially could effect rankings and indexing within Google.This is due to a bug on their end from an update that occured in March of this year, which has recently been patched with a new update for the plugin - an update which I did moments ago, which then triggered the notification.You will need to go into your Yoast settings (Search Apperance > Media) to check that they are correct. You
Hey WA!The last time I blogged here at WA, I had just returned from the Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference after meeting up with Carson, Kyle, and the other members of WA for the second time.This was all the way back in Feburary but rest assure, I still log on to WA each day to connect with my referrals and have been busy as well with my websites (actively working on 3 now).What I wanted to share today is my thoughts on why paying a subscription or for premium service, anywhere, is usually wo
As many of you know, the 2018 Wealthy Affiliate Conference was held just last week.This was my second time attending and just like last year, it was an excellent way to bring in the New Year.After meeting up with Carson, Kyle, and other affiliates I feel more focused, motivated, and refreshed.I am ready to make 2018 my biggest year in terms of online success. And I hope many of you are just as motivated as well!For all you WA affiliates out there, I definitely noticed more attendees this year o
Black Friday at Wealthy Affiliate means that you can lock in one year of training, quality tech support & hosting, network with other individuals with vast knowledge and experience in online businesses, and lots more at one discounted price.You can enjoy all of the benefits for nearly 50% off of the normal cost of monthly membership.This also allows you to focus on building your business while knowing you have the proper tools and support in your corner to help you succeed.And don't forget