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Last Update: November 01, 2015

Open Letter to the Affiliate Whose Link I Clicked to Land Here in Oz:

Thank you for checking in with me. I have been spending a lot of time working to get the lay of the land here. This is quite an interesting community of people! I have had one focus on learning more about the Founder/CEOs, the Ambassadors and rest of the Top 200. I am finding they, as a group, and also many of the new free trial and premium members are SO darn interesting that sometimes I have to force myself to put on "invisible blinders" to stay on course with trainings!

So, savvy affiliate whose link I accessed to land here in Oz, I'd foremost like to extend a heartfelt "Thank You!" Even though I've only been here for a few days, I have gotten a real sense of the large amount of knowledge you had to work to acquire and put into action in order to provide me with this opportunity.

The thing is I have been stuck for a very long time in terms of realizing some personal/business goals (and Kyle is so right, it is no fun to be stuck). If this platform/training/community can provide what has been missing AND if I am capable of doing what it takes to integrate it without someone literally "walking and talking" me through it that would be great. After ten years, I am as passionate about the business vision I have been working to realize as I was on the day I started.

But I'm just not sure this will be the vehicle to get that vision to where it is viable. After ten years I'd like to think I have required some knowledge but obviously not enough.

So the strategy to figure it out here at Oz has been doing my part to take advantage of all being offered to me with the free trial. so far I have completed Course 1 (the initial 10 lessons) with the intention to apply everything I learn here to further my existing business vision, and now am thinking I should go as far as possible (in the remaining time) on the Affiliate Bootcamp track since mastery of that material may provide some additional keys to the kingdom of success.

Yesterday, I got an email letting me know I could check out the video of the week, something about reviving a "dead" website and I was excited to see it. But when I clicked on it there was a message saying I didn't have access to it on the free trial.

I'm thinking it would be best to correct that and simply not invite people who are on the free trial. I wonder if it is a mistake as opposed to a kind of negative marketing incentive to join since it didn't provide incentive, it just felt "wrong".

So where isn't there room for improvement in the world? And I think I am being told that, although already wildly successful, that the owners are open to ideas for improvement.So let's move on to the questions I have now, and the potential great things to focus on here.

All in all, this training appears to provide value and be working extremely well for some people. Now, what I am really wondering is what percentage of people who become members make it through implementation of at least two or three levels of one of the trainings, and of that group of people, what percentage are making a consistent $1500 - $3000 or more on a monthly basis? Is that kind of information available here? Those kinds of metrics would be useful in making an informed choice.

At this point I feel a little like Dorothy when she was in her predicament with the witch. My fiancee keeps coming in with a long face wondering why I'm locking myself away in my office for hours at a time. I can hear him thinking, "I wonder what she's up to now."

The hourglass has been tipped over. I am attempting to act a little like an investigative journalist and ask sufficient pertinent questions to make an informed choice – before the sand runs out.


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MikeLambert Premium
Once again great blog Bethann always love your style of writing, Mike.
Isabella18 Premium
Loes, thank you so much for sending this response with the sampling of little/big success blogs. It is very much appreciated!
All the best,
Lear77 Premium
Hi, No one could argue about your talent. It comes roaring through. My one concern (you can stop here; I'm no expert) is your pace and the way you criticize yourself if you think your not maintaining what is after all very arbitrary. When I read your blogs I felt I had to read faster.The two 'bosses' are always trying to slow us down and take some pressure off. Your way increases anxiety and might at the end of the race be slower (hare and tortoise).
Isabella18 Premium
LOL! I think you are right... I do need to learn how to chill a little. I have now been here right around three months and realize the learning curve is a lot longer, and seemingly steeper, than I thought it would be. So I have hunkered down and am feeling much more tortoise-like these days!
All the best to you, Lear77
AlexEvans Premium
Hi Bethann really like your style . Wealthy Affiliate is like no other system within the general online marketing industry . Internet marketing has a perception with the general population as being full of scams . WA is an integrated package , training to learn a skill set , hosting on state of the art servers , a community of like minded people who are there to help and support you on your journey. One of the questions that everyone asks is " are you making any money ? " . If you follow the processes here at WA you can establish an online business . Like all businesses the returns are relative to the energy and skill set that you bring .
Looking at your profile , your interests would be well suited to this program . The premium membership opens the doors to everything WA has to offer . If you are looking to establish a successful online business go for it .
Jim-Bo Premium