Bringing the wife home. A real WA success story

Last Update: June 24, 2015

Hi, everyone!

Boy, life sure throws some curve balls sometimes.

This is going to be a bit long but hang with me if you would. :)

New members are always asking if this works and we stumble in chat pointing them to stories of success here at WA so please feel free to use this blog as an example.

Everyone wants me to share a bit of what I have accomplished here in three years plus so here I go.

I started here at WA deeply in debt and sick of traveling playing music and I desperately needed a break. My health was failing and life on the road was killing me.

I have been a professional musician my whole adult life, but the lifestyle was too much for my aging body and mind to handle any longer.

I had great success in the music business but that was then and I really would like to keep that out of my WA experience.

My wife and I decided I would come home and go online and find a way to be able to build a business promoting a 15-year program she had designed for the prison system to rehabilitate inmates.

My job was to find a place that could supply everything I needed to be able to accomplish this.

I came to WA through Street Articles, a sister site Kyle and Carson own.

Kyle was relentless in letting me know he had everything I needed here at WA and eventually he convinced me to finally join WA.

Back then WA was a shell of what it is today, but there was enough offered to get me involved. Us members today are spoiled and so much more is to come here at WA.

It started out rough, and after 6 months I found myself earning 6 cents total and in a niche that was so broad I really did not have a chance.

Some dear members here were honest and ruthless in their guidance and kept insisting that I could do this, and they helped me find my first productive niche.

Bizz and David, I love you both so much :)

Within 30 days of choosing a workable niche, I had earned $1400.00 and I have really not looked back.

I do not want to go into what I did and what I learned and such, as I share this knowledge daily in the form of helping members as I was helped when I was starting out. I will give some pointers at the end of this blog that I follow daily.

What I do want to tell everyone is that success is possible for all of you, as long as you ask for help and follow Kyles training to the letter.

When I came here I had basic computer knowledge and a basic idea of how the net works, but that was about it.

I had zero marketing experience.

I now do this full time from home, have paid over 35 K in hospital bills, I have tripled my income every year, and I am just getting started.

I host 2 active sites here at WA, one is very productive and the other is still an infant. My other sites are hosted elsewhere and I keep them completely out of WA for many personal reasons, but they were built and became successful because of what i have learned here at WA.


I am happy to report that as of 2 weeks ago my wife is now home working with me and we are solely self-employed and loving it!

It is now time to start seriously working on our pet project, and I do believe this program we are developing will support us the rest of our lives.

This is the next level for us, and I am sharing this to let everyone know this place works and is responsible for opening these doors for us.

So many people do not invest in themselves and do not believe in themselves, and I was one of these people the first 6 months I was here, but I listened and I overcame.

The true success stories here at WA invest in their businesses constantly and have followed the training and taken their efforts to the next level over and over again.

Did you know the guy or gal you might be talking to in chat could be a millionaire?

They are here and available :) ( Network baby!)

Let me touch on a few important areas you will venture through here at Wa and what I have learned about them..

Live Chat And WA Ranking

Do not get lost in your ranking here at WA or spend all your time in chat.

I am an ambassador here because I am online all day and pop in and out of chat throughout the day and end up helping people.

I have a huge following here at WA and the majority of those, over 4K plus of them came to me, I did not follow them originally. I have actually only followed about 50 members here that I have searched out myself.

If you follow me I do follow you back and I always will.

I chose members to follow I saw excelling and doing what I wanted to do and I followed and networked with them.


It is really easy to skip something that you do not want to do like social media or things you can not afford like investing in website domains, getting an auto responder, starting a PPC campaign and on and on but remember, this is your business and you are investing in yourself and you are worth it!

Budget and make it happen!

Follow the training!

Jumping ahead just causes a lot of confusion for you. Rather than doing that learn what Kyle is teaching and if you need to learn more about a topic get a going on research and learn it! There is no rule that says you should not explore every topic until you are satisfied you have it, whether you find that info here at WA or elsewhere.

Slow and Steady

Take breaks, walk away and do something else if you are stumped and let your brain rest a bit.

Build yourself a schedule and stick to it!

I could go on and on but this blog is getting really long and you and I both have work to do!

I am a success story here at WA and I am just getting going!

Will you be writing one of these blogs?

I think you just might be :)

Have fun!


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JimSullivan1 Premium
Shawn, great post. I am 77 years young and have been with W.A. for 6 months. I am struggling but your post made me think maybe it is because I didn't really apply the training as I should have. I will go back thru the training again and see if I can pick myself back up.
Thanks again for your post.

Shawn Martin Premium
Holler if you get stuck!
lkilus Premium
Hi Shawn, I am newbie here at WA and just upgraded to Premium yesterday. I have been here for about 7 days now and started the Affiliate Bootcamp and am stuck with writing content on my getting started page. I have been at it for days and can't simply put words into my thoughts. I was so lost, confused and was about to give up when I stumbled onto your blog.

Your story is just what I need to push on.

Just like every body else out there, we all have our up's and down's and real stories and achievements like yours makes ordinary people like us want to work hard and be someday able to put all our financial problems away for good.

Shawn Martin Premium
Welcome to Wa! Take deep breaths and give it time and you will be OK!
If you get stuck feel free to give me a shout!
RhondaJean Premium
This post was just what I needed today! Thank you for taking the time to pass out some hope. As this way of life takes time, hope is what we need everyday to keep us going!

I have just begun the Affiliate bootcamp and have started building my website I would love to include your story as a guest blog, if that would be alright with you.

I also have my passion on another site I would love any insight if you have a couple of minutes.

Thanks again. It's a pleasure to meet you.
Rhonda Jean
Shawn Martin Premium
I would be happy to guest blog. Topic in mind and how many words?
On your second site make sure it is simple and to the point as far as what you are selling.
RhondaJean Premium
That's great! I'd like to use this blog. I relate well to it and I think others will, too.

I look forward to seeing more from you.
Rhonda Jean
Shawn Martin Premium
Crittercraft Premium
How amazing! I did not know that people have become millionaires in this business, and obviously I am careful when I say that because I know that not everyone has the drive to do this.
I am loving these success stories and hope that one day I will join them! I am not interested in becoming a millionaire, I will be happy no-matter what!
Shawn Martin Premium
We have all levels of success here at WA. Some members have moved on with their knowledge that they have acquired here, and many are still here because of the resources available.

Shelby and I are holding our own. We are far from millionaires and that is OK.

We are ramping up our business in the coming months and are happy to be members of this community.

You can achieve all your dreams if you believe you can and take action.

I have found that when you are at the point of quitting, dig in, that is when you are the most likely to succeed!
Crittercraft Premium
Thanks for the encouragement! :)
MelanieLee Premium
This is awesome Shawn. You are a real success story on here. I'm a newbie with no experience here, was doing a search for success stories & landed on this blog of yours.
I'm going to follow you.
And thanks for sharing - I'm putting this blog in my favorites!
Shawn Martin Premium
Hi, Melanie and welcome to WA! Glad to have you as a follow!