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Hi my name is Mike
I have been lucky to have a great mentors here at WA and have come a long way from a guy who looked at computers as an alien species. Over the years I have managed to create quite a few websites that appear to pretty popular and with that a nice income online.

My family has always been my motivating force, a beautiful wife, 3 lovely children and my 2 grandkids are what makes the world go round for me.
My online activities have allowed my family and I to travel quite extensively and enjoy some of the finer things in life. I love traveling, playing soccer, fishing, and most outdoor activities. I look forward to meeting new people here at WA.

Work hard and WA will work for you! Chat soon.
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Hey sales, glad to see you are setting goals. I approached IM as a job right from the start. Goal setting was instrumental in my achievements to date. It's nice to see that you have started interacting. Getting to know your fellow members is essential to getting the most out of WA.
The community here is like no other. You can learn from members mistakes as well as their success. Members are always wiling to share their experiences. Good luck Mike.
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Dec 19, 2016
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MikeLambert Premium
Hey sales, glad to see you are setting goals. I approached IM as a job right from the start. Goal setting was instrumental in my achievements to date. It's nice to see that you have started interacting. Getting to know your fellow members is essential to getting the most out of WA.
The community here is like no other. You can learn from members mistakes as well as their success. Members are always wiling to share their experiences. Good luck Mike.
Kyle Premium
Excellent Mike, I know you will achieve your goals. As you start seeing more progress and results, you will be able to spend more time on your business.

When I started out online, I had limited time because I was in school full time and I was able to achieve "full time" status within the online business world in a year. I totally understand that we all have "time" issues in life, but I absolutely know you can do the same and accomplish the same sort of success!

Take action on the training here, immerse yourself within the community, and ask for help when you need it. This is your sure path to your own personal goals and successes Mike! :)
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laparra1 Premium
Thank you Mike for your long and detailed message.
One website has 9 pages but no posts yet.
The other one has 4 pages and it's first post.
We would like to put some posts on the side of a page but it actually came up under the photo of the front page, I love tecnology as you know, grrr.
I will digest all of your info and will work towards it.
I listen to your advice and have followed my total network, got already 2 messages on which I of-course answered.

Regards, Taetske
laparra1 Premium
Good evening Mike,

Just a little question. I told you in a past message that I was over-
wehlmed by all the "Follows ". The person who had sent a message I ofcourse would answer. I have not done anything incase of somebody just clicking only Follow. Should I still follow back even if it is time ago?
I had 13 pages on my first website and that made me 100% on frequency. I have deleted 4 pages as they had no content anyhow and now I am back to 60%, how is that?
Still putting dots on some I's, you know what I mean.
This really has been no winter, days of 20 C, spring is here.

Regards, Taetske
MikeLambert Premium
Hi Taetske, you don't have to follow anyone if you don't want to it's totally up to you. I encourage people to follow members because if you ask a question in the community what happens is everyone that you follow and that follows you get notified right away and that gives your questions quite a broad audience, everyone has different skill sets and you may benefit from their expertise.
You are on a very good pace with your site Taetske, just remember that you really don't need that many pages per say just the main structure of your site should be pages such as, privacy, about me, affiliate disclosure and maybe a few other static pages the rest should be published or set up as a post.
So when you start writing content on a certain topic that you want to explore on your website they should all be posts that way you can organize these posts under categories and it keeps topics nicely organized for your readers, helps them navigate your site with ease.
For example if I was exploring high blood pressure I would set up a category that may look like "ways to lower high blood pressure naturally" under this category I would explore topics like
lower blood pressure naturally with cinnamon.
lower blood pressure with oregano.
Eat good fats to lower blood pressure.
When a person is directed to your website through one of these posts they will see a lot more info all nicely organized all they do is wave their cursor over the heading and all your posts will drop down.
This is how you slowly build out a website and before you know your site will have hundreds of posts and amazing ranking power with Google.
You will notice I also used lower blood pressure in all my posts, this would be my main keyword phrase and everything else that goes with will help me rank under also.
So if you were to have a health blog for example you would end up with categories such as :
lowering blood pressure
How to lower blood sugars
Stop hair loss
manage stress
These are just a snippet of what I would start with and there are tons of variations under every category.
I a just using health because I am off to the gym and my body is already hurting so it was the first thing that popped into my mind lol but this structure of building out categories is what you ultimately want. Take your niche and build out one category at a time until Google sees you as an authority in that category and then move on to the next that way you get the best ranking power for your website.
I hope that helps and doesn't confuse you but it is pretty straight forward, cheers Mike.
laparra1 Premium
Good afternoon Mike,

You have not heard from me for awhile, we have been ever so busy. Trying to sign up for various affiliate programs. I had a hickup with my little computer which has Windows 10, it would get blocked half way the signup page. A real waste of time I must say. Luckily Michael has Windows 7 and there it would function. Some people have their own affiliate programs so signing up there is not difficult. We also have come upon 2 Compagny's, CJ Affiliates, this one I find somehow complicated and an other one ShareASale. This one I find much easier to understand, specially for a nubie like me. My 1e website has now 10% Site Trust so something is happening. When do you think it is appropriate to
request Website Comments?
Hope all is going well on your side. Here this winter is being mild, happy to also get some rain days, my orange trees were glad.

Regards Taetske
MikeLambert Premium
Hi Taetske, both affiliate marketplaces are very good I belong to both myself. You can ask for website comments anytime going forward. Drop me a link to your website and I would be happy to take a look and drop you a comment or two, hope all is finding you well, have a great day.
Kronzkruzr1 Premium
I wanted to ask you your thoughts on Lead Lighting I found your review on them the day I came on here you were telling that it was not a Scam at the entry level but not to upgrade as it would get to expensive in the long run the Question was would you think it would be beneficial to use it to help generate Traffic to help me sell the WA product/Training course to help me get started strong as I have been out of work for a month and will be out of cash soon if I don't get this going strong in 1 way or other
MikeLambert Premium
I honestly don't think it will be of benefit for the simple reason Lead lightning is basically set up as a funnel to get you into buying into the power lead system and its tool suite.
From my perspective Lead lightning wouldn't be a bad product to sell do to it's appealing price point but like I say in my article you should have internet marketing experience first then promote it. You could build your website and promote Lead Lightning using what you learn here that's what I would do.
Think about how much money I could make if I did a positive review on my site and was an affiliate? It would be a pretty easy sale for me but only because I have a site and the training to promote it, see where I am going with this, that's an example of how you make really good money online.
Those are my thoughts, learn IM first free then start promoting products like Lead Lightning if you like. The product itself doesn't do anything for me, but the cheap price point sells the program, got you interested right? Lots of people just like you Robert. Your on a free membership build a site that promotes Lead Lightning, basically the reverse of what you are thinking but more realistic and try and sell some memberships.
Kronzkruzr1 Premium
Thank you
laparra1 Premium
Hi Mike, had some real frustating time trying to sign up for 2 people's affiliate marketing. Got stuck on the W9, found out it has to do with paying tax in the US. Anyhow got an answer back on my email asking for help. There was a W8 formular included so now can continue. Will keep that W8 at hand because all these people will ask for it. In the mean time my car had a hickup and is in the garage, never a dull moment
Hasta Pronto, Taetske