Happy Birthday, Gail!

Last Update: Mar 13, 2018

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Happy Birthday, dear Gail!

Ariel has just told us that today is Lauren's birthday. When I went over to Lauren to wish her a happy birthday I found out that today is also Gail's birthday, so let's not forget Gail. Just look at that lovely smile and it will truly warm your heart and brighten your day.


Gail - this is my first ever blog - and you are the reason for it!

And reading some of your comments just now, I realize that you are in the UK. (I didn't know that...) So a very very special birthday hug from me.

Have a lovely day! May your pupils be specially good for you today. :-)

Love and hugs,

Isabella x

Recent Comments


Happy birthday Gail & Lauren .... have a wonderful day ... cheers ...

Thank you for coming by, Michel.

Very Happy Birthday Gaited & Lauren!

Thank you for coming by Goran and thank you for wishing the two great ladies a happy birthday. They more than deserve it.

~ Isabella

Thank you Isabella. I am truly humbled and you have brought a tear to my eye. A happy tear of course. Congratulations on writing your first blog too. That's amazing. I can't thank you enough for your kind words.
Wishing you lots of happiness too today.
Gargantuan smiles all round!
PS. My daughter sent me a card saying 'Happy 20th birthday". That would have been fine but it then said "congratulations you are half way through your life!". ...ooerr!

When I read that it was your birthday too today, I thought this was the best reason to write my first blog because you too deserve a special mention.

It is important for all of us to treasure every day of our lives. Time goes too quickly - I do a lot of fractions with pupils I tutor - but I'd rather not think how far through my life I am...

I also looked at one of your websites today and realized that you don't even live that far from me. (My son once had a beautiful farm and wood covered in bluebells in West Sussex.)

Have a lovely rest of your day - the sun is shining here on and off - hope it has at least a few special rays for you.

Lots of hugs from Oxford,

~ Isabella

Oxford, wow, that's not far at all. Such a beautiful city too and surrounded by some wonderful countryside too. How lucky we are . Maybe we could meet up sometime for a chat and coffee! :) Gail

Meeting up one day for a chat and coffee sound lovely...- perhaps in the holidays.

Happy Birthday Lauren and Gail, I hope you have a wonderful day!

Thank you, Linda, for coming by and wishing those two wonderful ladies a happy birthday.

~ Isabella

Thank you Isabella for letting everyone know.


And thank you Wayne for visiting my first blog and commenting.

~ Isabella

You're most welcome.


Best regards all

Thank you Steven.

Thanks, Isabella!
Have a great day!

Thank you for stopping by. Yes, I will. I wish you a wonderful day too.

Isabella, this is such a nice reason for your very first blog.

I wonder how many other have their birthday today, it seems to be a good choice (lol).

Happy, happy day, Gail, let the sun shine over you.


Thank you so much for coming by.

Yes, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to write my first blog.

The sun is intermittently shining here - and Gail doesn't live too far away from me, so I think there should be at least a few beautiful rays of sunshine for her too.

~ Isabella

Aw you ladies are so sweet sharing this with us.
Happy birthday Gail have a fab day. :-)
Regards Debs ;-)

Thanks for coming by, Debs, and wishing those two wonderful ladies a happy birthday.

~ Isabella

Happy Birthday to all WA members born today. :-)

That's a great way of not leaving anyone out, Dave.

Thank you for coming by.

~ Isabella

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