Level four, creating my Website so far . . .

Last Update: March 06, 2018

Hi Everyone,

My success so far? Please see my Blog: http://thats-me.name/my-post-blog-nr-2

Every kind of comments, advice's or, critic are welcome.

All the best,


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IngoHoffmann Premium
Thank you, Everyone, and sorry, I couldn't reply earlier. My writing access was revoked for a while. I posted on the wrong places ;-)

All the best.

Chezbrown Premium
Liked the way that you did this in the form of video as opposed to typing your text. Very interesting life as well and music is a great niche to get into.

Wishing you good luck on your journey here at WA. xxxx
CMitchell5 Premium
Hi Ingo:

Went to your site and watched your video about your life experience and the music niche you are getting into.

Found it quite fascinating! It's wonderful that you were a Buddhist Monk!
Maddy55 Premium
Very good detailed advice by Chris, I can not add to this. I also cannot, respectfully, comment on your site, as I too am a follower of Christ. You contacted me about a problem you were having with inserting your videos, and Chris noticed that you are using another platform to build your site. I assumed that you were building your site on wordpress here, and so my instructions were related to that. I think that is the core problem with your video problems. Why not build your site here, in a Word Press platform? Word Press can be daunting but there is so much help here, that I no longer find it the challenge that it was in the beginning. Go for it :)
chrisbailey Premium
Hello Ingo.

I visited your link looking for content. There was none.

Embedding a video is fine, but that type of post simply isn't going to rank well in the search engines.

On a personal preference front, having no ability to rewind a video if I miss something and not being able to see how long it's going to be are two things that will frequently lead me to stop watching and move on.

Content is a core focus of what's taught here at WA. In addition to the embedded video, you could have what is essentially a transcript of the story you tell in that video. Naturally, it doesn't have to be word for word, but it could touch on the same things you spoke about.

Navigation and naming your posts is also an issue.

Naming: You don't want the post to be labeled my-post-blog-nr-2 It should be labeled whatever you intend the title to be.

Navigation: That top menu is going to get pretty scattered and bulky after a few more posts. It needs to be downsized/consolidated possibly with some dropdown menus instead of individual links to everything.

There's also no simple way for me to go to the front page of your site if I wanted to, aka, no link to the home page.

It looks like your using sitebuilder.com for this site, so I'm not quite sure how you go about fixing those couple things.

Are you going to be creating a different site for your niche using the WordPress platform?

As for the niche you mentioned in the video, sounds good. You have the passion and the knowledge, so go for it.

Getting started and putting yourself out there for critique is one of the hardest parts for many who choose to pursue this path. Good job diving in and keep working.
linda956 Premium
I believe your niche in music is a good one. I'm sure you will succeed, with the dedication you have put in to be a Buddhist Monk, that dedication will surely spill over to your online business.
Freisia Premium
Hi Ingo, a great start to your online business. I love your niche idea and think it will go really well. You have done a great job with your video too. It is not easy doing a self video. I did one too but I am not very happy with it. I like your very natural way of presenting yourself. Now I am really looking forward to seeing your music site up and running.
You have a very warm and happy face that makes it easy to sit and listen. Well done.
HKaiser Premium
How about we all believe in the religion of love, because I am pretty sure there is no difference whether you believe in buddha or allah or god or whomever you believe in. Do you think because your god has a different name he/she/it doesn't love everyone equally? I think this touches a very big problem on our planet. We think too much as individuals, eye for an eye type of thing. But if we would all stick together a bit more, we could make this planet and its people love again. A global love. We are all brothers and sisters.
JackieSmith Premium
Thanks for the invite to comment on your site but as a believer in Christ, I too, didn't comment.
IngoHoffmann Premium
Thanks a lot, my dear Jackie and don't worry, I never mind what or in who someone believes, as long as you believe in something good ;-)
JackieSmith Premium
Thanks for your understanding Ingo.

Best wishes.
HennieSteyl Premium
Hi, Ingo. Interesting layout for your site. As far as the content goes, No comment because I am a disciple of Jesus.
IngoHoffmann Premium
Thanks a lot, Henniest for visiting my Website.

May Jesus bless you and your family, always.

Kind Regards,