Completed Affiliate Bootcamp Course 1!

Last Update: Dec 12, 2016


I've finally completed the Affiliate Bootcamp Course 1. Yay! This is really exciting. To me, at least.

But why are we asked to take a 10-day break? Do we really have to? Or is it okay to just proceed with Course 2?

This time around, I actually diligently go through each of the tasks compared to at the Certification course in which I did skip here and there. I had to go back and start it all over again because half way through, I got stuck. So, lesson learnt - I did Bootcamp diligently! I didn't skip a thing and I'm very glad I was able to follow through all the tasks given.

I got email from Kyle! I was so excited the other when I actually receive an email from Kyle! There are tons of advice and additional info that he gave me through the email. And the day before I got his email, he actually dropped by my profile page just to say hi and checking on me - how I'm doing with Bootcamp so far. I didn't remember receiving any email from Kyle or Carson during the Certification course. It really boosts my determination to be as successful as he and Carson is. I guess it's just like their auras are surrounding me. LOL. :-)

I can't wait for Course 2 and I know it will just get better. So, for those who haven't tried Bootcamp, I strongly urge you to do so. You'll learn a whole lot more.

Have a nice day everyone!

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Hi Indah, greeting from Singapore. Congrats for finishing your bootcamp and hopefully you can apply your new knowledge soon =).

That's quite an accomplishment!

I'm still going through the certification, but have NO intention of skipping anything, simply because I don't know enough to do so!

Other thean the standard welcome email, I don't recall receiving one from Kyle, but he has ALWAYS responded to my PM!!! Something that still blows my mind!!!

Again, I haven't done the Bootcamp, but there must be a good reason for them to suggest taking a 10 day rest period. All the best moving forward with the Bootcamp training!

Thank you. I know, right? Getting a reaponse from Kyle is really awesome!

Good thing you didn't skip a thing in the certification. I skipped because I was impatient, not because I know it. LOL.

Thanks for dropping by. I wish you all the best! :-)

As long as we take heed to those lessons, we'll do great moving forward!

Definitely. I'm really glad I decided to start the Bootcamp. There are so much more to be learnt!

well done!

Thank you. I appreciate it. Wish you all the best too! :-)

Congrats on finishing course 1. I should be at that stage sometime next week and will use the 10 day break period to relax a little over Xmas and also look to get some real quality content onto my site to beef it out a little and be roaring into 2017.
Good luck and continued success for the future.

Thanks so much. I wsih you the very best of luck then! And wishing you Merry Christmas in advance. Have a nice day. :-)

Good luck tackling course 2. Don't forget to periodically assess and restudy course 1 hang-ups as assessed!

Thank you. Ok, I'll keep that in mind. I always find it refreshing every time I go back to some of the lessons. :-)

Congrats on your progress. The 10-day breaks are intended to give folks a chance to catch up if there are any unfinished tasks, or to continue building out content. I do recommend taking the break from study, and focusing on creating more content.

Thank you. Okay, I'll try to take the break and create more content as you suggest. I really can't wait for Course 2!

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