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I've finally completed the Affiliate Bootcamp Course 1. Yay! This is really exciting. To me, at least.But why are we asked to take a 10-day break? Do we really have to? Or is it okay to just proceed with Course 2?This time around, I actually diligently go through each of the tasks compared to at the Certification course in which I did skip here and there. I had to go back and start it all over again because half way through, I got stuck. So, lesson learnt - I did Bootcamp diligently! I didn't s
September 05, 2016
If you have read my earlier post, you would know that I am currently re-visiting the Bootcamp training. Okay, I really have to say that I have no idea why I stopped the Bootcamp! It's really great and I have had tons of ideas just by going through the Bootcamp. I was stuck on getting inspiration and idea for my website but Bootcamp saved me.So, I'm currently working on my niche website. Which means that I'm super busy with research for contents, drafting my post, learning new things about Wordp
August 27, 2016
I started the lessons here with the Online Entrepreneur Certification. I have finished the whole lessons there. Once done, I was looking for anything else to do and I saw Bootcamp. However, I didn't finish it. In fact, I stopped after just the first two or three lessons. WHAT???!!! Yeah, I know... what was I thinking?Why did I stop Bootcamp? At that point of time, it feels like just a repetition of the Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC). Whatever I have learnt in the OEC, is also in the Bo
This is my first post ever over the few months that I've been here in WA. I've completed the Certification Lessons. I've read a lot of other blogs from various members. So, I would like to share something back as well.Why do I join WA? I stumbled upon it when I was searching on how to make an online business. Nate's website was on the first page of google. I clicked it and read through everything on his site. I thought then, why not give it a try since it's free anyway for the first seven days.