WA Thinks I'm A Man & Somewhat Mute

Last Update: August 02, 2010

Don't misunderstand me, I like WA. It's just that it labels me as "himself" whenever I post a Space message on my WA Space.

Yes, I'm female - born that way and I intend to stay that way.

I also have over 23 posts so far, but my post count is at 9 at present.

When I first saw these errors, I hit the Feedback link and summarily reported these glitches.

No way was I going to be labeled other than what I am. I love being me and I celebrate my womanhood! .

So far, I'm still 'himself' and my post count is at 9.

These little WA bugs are annoying with the mistaken identity label & are not giving me due post count!

I've become WA - Woman Anonymous.

Oh well, I guess I'm stuck at being 'himself' with not much to say, for now.

LOL as a woman himself.......wink........wink!!!





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WriterGig Premium
You have a good sense of humor! ;)
PMV Premium
[lol] Now I'm curious ... about where it calls you himself ... hmmm ... will have to go exploring! I don't take much notice of the stats and rankings coz mine just don't make sense to me. Have to say though if I was having a gender question I'd be getting a bit twitchy [lol] - I too am entirely happy as Woman! Here's to resolution soon Faith :)
Horselover Premium
Same here. My member rank went from 6000-something to 275 (or thereabouts) overnight. Yes, I had made a couple of post/comments, but really?????? (Go figure) lol.
reefswimmer Premium
could posts mean posts in the forum ???
I get a little weird about WA stats once in awhile. I went offline for 2 weeks recently, and my rank went from 100 or so all the way up to 4800 or something. Funny part is I never understood how my ranking could have gone below 100 to begin with, since
I dont think I have contributed that substantially yet. Funny stuff!
Diane, reefswimmer
jatdebeaune Premium
Haha...yeah Faith..What the heck?!! Wonder what kind of glitch isn't recording your posts properly? Don't know about the gender specific stuff. Wonder how they would manage that? Equal time maybe?