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September 04, 2010
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My classmates and I will celebrate our high school anniversary (20th) this coming June 2011. As part of our ongoing celebration, we decided to help the school in supporting and coordinating elective school programs from tutoring, community service projects, choir etc.. I just returned from a school event. Today is the first day of school and I was in charge of organizing the school's first assembly program. It went well - better than expected! We got good feedback and I got high marks for my w
13 Ways Affiliates Can Tell It's Friday  the 13th.... #1 The merchant that invited you to join their program yesterday… auto-declines you when you join today. #2 You check your PPC campaign and see your new keywords are pulling clicks like crazy. Then you discover the merchant’s landing page has been going to a 404 all day. #3 That hot little niche Indie program you’ve been cashing in on, because other affiliates haven’t found it yet… shows up on CJ. #4 The affiliate network’s
August 07, 2010
A Day Off Let us put awhile away All the cares of work-a-day, For a golden time forget, Task and worry, toil and fret, Let us take a day to dream In the meadow by the stream. We may lie in grasses cool Fringing a pellucid pool, We may learn the gay brook-runes Sung on amber afternoons, And the keen wind-rhyme that fills Mossy hollows of the hills. Where the wild-wood whisper stirs We may talk with lisping firs, We may gather honeyed blooms In the dappled forest glooms, We may eat
Don't misunderstand me, I like WA. It's just that it labels me as "himself" whenever I post a Space message on my WA Space. Yes, I'm female - born that way and I intend to stay that way. I also have over 23 posts so far, but my post count is at 9 at present. When I first saw these errors, I hit the Feedback link and summarily reported these glitches. No way was I going to be labeled other than what I am. I love being me and I celebrate my womanhood! . So far, I'm still 'himself' and
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I've been on a roll lately, taking action and accomplishing a lot on my To Do Task list. I found an added boost of  motivation when I created my IM Business Plan. Being inspired with clear cut goals, I have been running on full steam for the last few days.  It is good to see results, making goals come alive before your eyes. Results that progress into the realization of bigger dreams. But, with anything can come another kind of results. Burnout and regression to old habits.  My m
July 22, 2010
Heaven: A Poem by Candice Tomlin Walking down the street Contemplating Guided by the desires of my feet Pondering Where do I go, what will inspire Investigating Nature’s beauty, oh how I admire Seeing Light bugs flash a pleasant show Dancing Wind at my body blows Caressing Earth is the giver to all Loving The biggest and even the small Learning Trees give us more than shade Remembering Fruit, nuts, and berries from the glade Savoring Sweet tastes and loving comfort from Her Whistling Harmoniou
July 19, 2010
1. List IM Business Goals *Mission Statement: Jumpstart Success - Get cash flowing as soon as possible to pay for expenses and build a strong foundation for my IM business that will be profitable and long lasting. *Monthly profit goal: Consistent $1000 / $3000 / $5000 / $10,000+ > in phases *WA objectives list:             -Get Settled - networking with buddies (blog post + forum)          &