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Joined October 2008
And now, I am back again - March 2013!

I am a SC Grandma - and love it! Hubby is a legally blind golfer and community volunteer. We have worked from home since he lost his vision in 1988. We have sold everything you can imagine - he's the salesman, I'm the driver and the paperwork person. He's the practical joker, loves to laugh, and knows everybody! I am quieter, enjoy my family, and of course, making money on line. We love dancing! We only have one dog now, an old poodle named Harley. Our precious golden retriever died last fall. We hope to replace him with a retired seeing eye dog for Whitey.

I am scurrying back to WA for refresher courses and new courses and inspiration as I redesign my online business plan. With over 500 pages at Squidoo, I think it's time to diversify. I have a few webnuggetz, some old hubs, old blogs and one decent blog. I will likely do some work in Sirgo this year too. My current plan is to try different sites and ideas with 20 or so pages, and see what happens! My goal is to make 3 x what I did in 2012.
Everything looks new at WA!!!!! I am excited to rediscover! What fun!

I am always happy to answer questions as I can - about Squidoo. Many changes over there right now! Be sure to read http://hq.squidoo.com/tips/are-you-selling-or-spamming/ if you have not already.

Looking forward to meeting you all and working with you for a super successful 2013!

Joan aka Moonvine - March 13, 2013
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Yue Premium
Hi Moonvine, welcome to Wealthy Affiliate

Take your time to get familiar with yourself and just enjoy your time here
guitar fire Premium
Hello Moonvine,
Welcome to WA! Good to have you here. You will know your way around in no time.
Wish you the best,
Guitar fire,
hcloward Premium
Welcome Moonvine! You should add a little more about yourself. In the meantime....WELCOME! Keep in touch and best of luck to you!
malcolm Premium
Hi Moonvine, Welcome to WA, Lots to learn, Tels us more about yourself. Best wishes Malcolm
moonvine Premium
Setting up my profile for WA, and trying to learn my way around! Good morning all!
moonvine Premium
I am working on my profile so yall can know all my secrets! lol I am here, thankful to be here, trying to find my way around! I look forward to getting to know all of you!