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I'm Louise, a 26-year-old French girl from Paris. I've been a member of WA for 2 years now and joining this community has been a turning point in my life, no question about it. I've learned a lot, made great friends, achieved some goals but still have some in store! :)

To me, succeeding is about freedom. It's getting rid of the so-called "normal" life where working from 9 to 5 to earn peanuts and don't have time for others sounds ok. I don't believe in the soundness of this social and economic system. At all. Stepping out of it is the only way to become who we deeply are. And yes, internet marketing is a great way to achieve financial freedom (along with marrying George Clooney or being adopted by Bill Gates... err, no, forget it, it's called financial dependence. lol).

I'm vegetarian for 3 years now (strong defender of animal rights), I like to marvel at little things, I pet every dog I meet, I love art, smiling people, the American language, blueberry muffins, singing, space related stuff, spirituality, The Daily Show, Apatow's movies, learning new things, meeting cool people and doing IM. I believe in business ethics and an out-of-the-box and fun way of doing affiliate marketing.

Distinguishing marks:
- have a scar on my upper lip (dog bite, go figure..)
- I'm not on facebook
- I have a radish tattoo on my ankle! :) (I'm still super excited 'cause it's brand new and it's my first one)

I'm glad to be part of such a supportive community and it's really important to me to give back and help people within WA.

"Life will pay whatever price you ask of it." ~Tony Robbins

Unrelated but so funny:
"Yes, reason has been a part of organized religion, ever since two nudists took dietary advice from a talking snake." ~Jon Stewart

PM me if you need help and thanks for dropping by!

- Louise
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jill11 Premium
I added you as a buddy- I am about a month in and have been learning alot and trying to take action as well. Any helpful tips would be greatly appreciated!
Louise M. Premium
I added you back! I guess you're doing the action plan right now or starting to promote a product already. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. Cheers! :)
jatdebeaune Premium
Hi Louise, Have you seen "The Muse"? I think you'd get a kick out of it. It's an Albert Brooks movie made in 1999, starring Sharon Stone, Jeff bridges, and Andie Macdowell. Very funny. Reminded me of IM business. If you have time, check it out.
weezy805 Premium
wow sounds that your a very intelectual woman as well as outgoing.!!
im glad that i added you to my buddy list
jjeje well hope keep in touch im sure im going to need a lot of help from ppl like you =)
-Cris .R
Louise M. Premium
Haha thanks! ;) Sure PM me anytime if you need help.
Stavfel Premium
Just had to check out your space:-) Like your coffe poster a lot!! You know a good website for those?
Stavfel Premium
Ah thx . I like those a lot. Will upload some more soon:-)
Louise M. Premium
I actually just found it on google images and can't remember what I typed exactly but I think it was something like "fake vintage ads". ;)
scottie79 Premium
Hi Louise hope all is well?
Ive been trying to get onto wordpress express but it says they are upgrading the web hosting server, Dya have any idea how long this takes?
Louise M. Premium
Usually it doesn't take more than a day or 2... in case it still not working you can post a post in the forum to ask, Kyle or Carson will surely answer it. :)