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What's up, my friends?

In this post I want to show you how Prompt Engineering can help you create better content.

Now, everyone knows that AI is changing how content is made.

Platforms like ChatGPT are making it easier than ever to create good content in a matter of seconds. But here's the thing: the information these AI systems give you is only as good as the prompts you feed them.

This is where Prompt Engineering comes in.

You can improve the content they create by tweaking what you ask ChatGPT and other AI systems.

This means you'll be able to make content that is more interesting, more helpful, and more likely to connect with your audience.

Time to provide you with a real example!

I asked chatGPT to write a copy to sell me a pen!

He took a couple of seconds to write me that near piece of copy...

Please take the time to read it!

I'ts now time to set the stage!!!

What I will do know is I'm going to set a stage to make ChatGPT write better content!

Check below!

I asked AI if he knew a renown copywriter!

After I asked him to provide the key takeaways from Ray's book "Write copy that sells"

Once ChatGPT gave me that information, I asked him to write me a new copy around 100 words to sell me a pen (AGAIN)!

But this time using all of the takeaways and principles he provided from Ray's Book.

Check the results...

Can you see the difference between both copies?

Wicked right?!

So why not just try it? With the right prompts and a little bit of imagination, your AI-generated content might surprise you with how much more powerful it can be.

That's it for today folks

Wish you all a great Sunday!

PS: Let me know wich one of the "sell me a pen" copy you liked the most!

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Recent Comments


Oh wow!

Out of curiosity I tried an AI last week to write content, but I wasn't fully satisfied with the quality -- but I also don't know how the hell to use an AI LOL.

Interesting post, thanks for sharing, Pedro!

Curious, who would you use as an example in the SEO/content marketing space and what post of theirs would you ask an AI to write about before requesting an updated version of the article/KW?

I tried this method (in the past) and created a hybrid persona (to.chatgpt act as) half Neil Patel Half Brian Dean but iIMO long form content is not the way of AI YET.

What you can do is making him outline blog ideas based on the keyword or topic.

Then fill the outline one by one.

Actually I show how to do this in the end of my last training 😎

If you want you can check it out here: There will be a part 2 and 3 on this “series” stay tunned! 😎

Will stay tuned!

And yeah, I'm not a fan of AI written content, but I def see the value in it in terms of structure, outline etc. And even if it were a longer form content, I'd likely use it as an idea and then rewrite the way I would.

Will check out the training, obrigada Pedro! :)

De nada 😜

Very compelling, Pedro! Thank you!


Yeah Jeff,

Like Asideon said, we almost want to buy the pen! lol

I know! Pretty good stuff, Pedro!


The World we live in ...

The first copy was really well written, however, the second copy was definitely way more persuasive and by the end had me wanting to try out the pen that was being offered.

I really loved this article because i had never heard of AI engineering before and I learned quite a bit about how it works in your article.

I will definitely be honing my AI engineering skills going forward. Thanks.

No Dream is to Big

Hi Asidion,

The second text is far more compelling... in fact is so compelling my credit card popped out on its own from my wallet lol

Thank you for your comment!


Your article has convinced me. I tried ChatGPT and asked a very obscure question about a fishing lure. It brought up some stuff that I had never thought of. Turns out was skepticism was unfounded. It is a big help in research. Thanks for giving the examples in your article.

I tried chatgpt and was unsure what to think about it at first. After researching it and learning about what it is and its purpose I am now a fan as well.

I think it was just one of those new innovative tech fears I get whenever something new hits the online business world.

Hi Jim,

AI is amazing and not only ChatGPT for writing...

AI can also create drawing out of prompts that are beyond imagination...

Check this image that I got from AI by writing a prompt saying I wanted a castle

"ancient, realistic castle on a top of a mountain facing the sea painted in Michelangelo style "

And you can as far as you want... type of brush, paint techniques, macro photo...etc

I got an HD image of that... is amazing!

Now that I have tried it, I don't know if I can do without it.

Pedro, the last results from ChatGPT was the one I liked the most. I would do it in less than 50 words, focusing on the key takeaways and revert (paraphrase) in my own words on my blog post. Nice creativity here. I did see your video training but haven't watched it yet. I will soon. Thanks for showing us.

Hi Brenda!

Thank you for dropping by!

You are 100% right! REWrite the AI output into our own words is surelly the best practise!

We don't want the AI detectors buggin us in a near future ;)


Exactly. You can use copy scape to check for the ai detector. I like the content scale ai detector and originality dot ai. All of mine are 100 percent human, so I like to keep it that way. I am watching your video now. This training is excellent for newbies and us who want to search for other niches to build another website. I paused the video and bookmarked it for later.

I use those AI detectors myself, but sometimes even text I write on my own gets flagged for AI lol Go figure that out ;)

I must have one or 2 Bot ribs ;)

Regarding the training, ty for watching ;)

That hasn't happened to me yet. I write in the second-person point of view, which is more human-sounding and I include a lot of emotive powerful words. AI bots cant do that. LOL. Maybe your wine made you talk like a robot LOL_

Hey, I totally get where you're coming from about not wanting to use AI. It's understandable to be hesitant about technology, especially when it's something as new and revolutionary as artificial intelligence. But, hear me out, friend.

AI is seriously amazing. Like, mind-blowing amazing. Think about having an AI buddy that helps you remember important stuff, keeps you on schedule, and just generally makes your life easier.

You're probably thinking, "okay, cool, but I'm still not sure about this." But, imagine how much better your life could be if you just gave AI a chance. You don't want to miss out on all the incredible opportunities that come with it.

So come on, let's be open to this new and exciting technology. It's the future, and it's going to make our lives better in ways we can't even imagine. Trust me, it's worth giving a try.

(The above response was written entirely by ChatGPT, just to show you that you can train it to be less robotic.

I know you won't ever be convinced, lol!)


Me and my wine...

You know that AI can talk in the first, second or third person, they can use power words you just need .... prompt engineering ;)

...lovin' AI, Pedro. It's a real game changer!

#2 is the winner for me. I haven't read that book. I believe I should.

I have it, and it's awesome!

That's why I thought of feeding it to AI ;)

I just watched your "prompt" video that you referenced below.

I just learned a bunch from you. Thank you! I'm going to watch it again as you touched on some things that I was not aware of (I guess that's why they call it training, right?).

Thanks again.


Hi Dave!

Awesome! Glad you found it useful!

If you need help with anything special, let me know!


Will do.

ty Pedro

You are welcome m8!

Oh men, how creative!!.,

I like the approach!!!

That’s fabulous!!!

Thank you for your words!

If you liked this, you might want to check my newest training with some other ideas on using AI to brainstorm Content, Optimize Site Structure, and Dominate Keywords!

Awesome and big WOW!

Yeah, with AI the sky is the limit!

This stategy is particulary useful for Ads, Titles.... any kind of short content ;)

Glad to know
I will try it
Thank you

You are welcome!

BTW, which one of the "sell me a pen" copies do you like more?

The last one


Just wanted to make sure I was not the only one lol

You're not the only one

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