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Great content is no longer enough. You need an irresistible offer!Now that you pumped out all that amazing content and got traffic naturally (organically) flowing into your website, you need to turn all those visitors into clients.The thing is... it's easier said than done!There are problems associated with promoting products that 1000's of other people do.The ones most struggle with are:ranking for relevant keywordslow conversion ratesability to actually help your audiencePlease keep in mind t
As we are tough, we spend most of our time, especially when starting, researching, and writing content for our websites.You can spend all your time writing the perfect blog post, researching the less competitive keywords, and even ranking on google #1 place.If you are not doing any of these 3, you are hurting your business!!!#1 Building your email listYeah, Pedro, I'm just starting out, and I know nothing about email marketing is not for me! WRONG!!!!You should do this ASAP. I strongly advise p
Even though we have great step-by-step training here at Wealthy Affiliate, there are certain things that we tend to overlook.Boiling with the excitement of building our very own online business, we blaze through the courses without looking back!But if you don't do this sooner than later, you will regret it down the road! Believe me, I've been there!7 Things you must do ASAP when building a new website!1 » Think ahead of the game! Create a Google sheet and copy-paste your post/page links,
Do you record videos for YouTube? If yes, then I'm pretty sure you have spent way too much time editing and fine-tuning your masterpieces...The thing is, is that really important for ALL your videos? I'm pretty sure that in some cases you could use broadcast software to record locally and save you a massive amount of time skipping the video editing nightmare!Hey, don't get me wrong, I edit my videos, the ones that need that extra spice! But why "wasting" time on a quick Q&A video just to in
Hi, Today I got this "amusing" comment on one of my posts...Some person called me a "shithead" and I quote, "I hope you rot in hell".All this for promoting a program that I don't even promote.Well, all he got from me was a big laugh and a reply with a bit of love and a top of sarcasm! Situations like this will probably happen to you as well, so remember, If this happens don't let people like him ruin your day... just fight hate with love and a bit of sarcasm ;)Wish you all a great day!Take care
Hey, Hope you are all doing great! As we burning our last rounds in 2020, I wanted to share with you all (WA family) this great affiliate marketplace.Consider this as an "end's year" treat!Easy to set up, and plenty of affiliate products to promote in EU and US.Forget the 5% commissionsInside this marketplace you can find affiliate products that pay up to 70% commissions, yeah, you read it right, 70% !!!Tons of niches, tons of products, not only that but you can also find recurring affiliate pr
New Milestone! +++ than 1k visitors in one day!Sorry guys, but I had to share this! Ten days ago, I wrote this post where I shared my achievement, a personal record of 500 organic visitors in one day.That post was ten days ago, 31 Match. Yesterday, 09 April, I almost doubled my traffic to an insane 1057 visitors on a single day. Do you know what the best part is? 972 of those visitors came from organic traffic!
Hey, I had to share this with you guys! First, let me tell you, my primary intent like always, and like most of our WA companions, is not to brag! But to prove this program really works!A new milestone surpassed 500+ visitors on a single day!!!Today, well actually was yesterday, 30 March, I turned a huge milestone, my website had 505 organic visitors on a single day! Ain't that AWESOME?Well, some might say/think, what's the commotion? For me it's huge! One of my 2020 goals was to get 1k visitor
Hi fellow WE'rs, Just went to Google Webmaster Tools Aka Google Search Console and guess what?+ than 250 keywords ranking on page one aka top 10 <--- :P+ than 50 keywords ranking on page one aka top 3 I''m not showing off or bragging... is just a proof that Wealthy Affiliate training works!If you want my details, check my full January report How did I go from 2.3k to 4.1k visitors in 28 days?Step by Step Guide - All You Need To Know To Reach Google Page 1 - get my exact method check this vi
The success and failures with my Bootcamp website.Hi Folks, For those who still don't know me, and I've been around for some time now, I'm Pedro and I've been working online (the wrong way tough) most of my life... If you are into some "once upon a time" type of mood check my bio ;).This post is about objectives, projections, and results. What I've been (I'm) doing wrong or right and what do I expect to achieve this year.2020 High Hopes2019 Overview!I started to work on my Bootcamp website 2 y