Dreaming and Creating...the Power of Our Thoughts

Last Update: January 21, 2015

Hello everybody. I just received an email with the following article and decided to share it with you. What it says is true: As we grow up we lose more and more our capacity to dream. We put more limits to our imagination and then wonder why things don't go the way we would like in our lives. I hope you will enjoy reading this.



f there is something that children are good

at, and adults

never do anymore, it is the practice of giving time to just
think and dream. When we were just kids, we used to not have
limits to our imagination. However, as we grew up, we forgot
about dreaming and focused more on our daily worries.

Is wishful thinking really wrong? If thoughts become things,
you may wonder, then why didn't you become the president of
your country, or a popular rock star, or the richest man in
the world, when as a kid you did nothing but imagine these
kinds of dreams?

The answer to that is simple.

It is because you stopped dreaming, or in a more realistic
perspective, you stopped thinking about your goals and
consequently also ceased to look for ways you can achieve them.

You settled for whatever is available.

You Reap What You Sow

Consider your mind as a vast area of land where you can
plant trees, crops or anything you desire. Your mind is a
land of limitless opportunities. That land is yours, and
you're free to do anything with it. Most people in the world
take this land for granted. They do not search the depths of
their minds for answers, much less plant good, fruitful
thoughts into it.

There are even those who fill their heads with nothing but
bitterness, frustrations, and discouragement. If the adage
that says, "You reap what you sow" is true, then it is no
wonder why people who are jealous of other people and
frustrated over themselves always fail at whatever they do
and never get what they want. They end up hating themselves
and the world.

Cultivate Your Mind
The law of attraction is true for people who believe in it,
but nothing beats believing in one's self. It beats all the
other theories. The power of your mind is so strong, and
what's wonderful about it is that you can take control of
it. It's your land to cultivate, and yours to plant.

Do successful people have positive thoughts then?

Do they take care of their land and plant as many good, fruitful
thoughts as they can in their head? Well, evidently they do.

Here are some of the things that you can do to plant nothing
but good things in your head. You will be surprised at how easy
things will go your way, moving forward.

How To Make Thoughts Become Things

- Evaluate your life, especially your thoughts.
Are you miserable right now? Or are you perfectly content?
What are your thoughts composed of? Are they filled with
regrets, frustrations and what-could-have-beens? It is only
by knowing and recognizing that you need to take out the
negative and replace them with positive that you can move on
to better things in your life. Otherwise, you can expect to
get stuck in the bitterness of your thoughts.

- Use Positive Affirmations
Once you have gotten rid of the negative "plants" in your
head, you can then focus on the positive. It is only by
thinking positive thoughts that you can make the effort to
make positive affirmations and then say them to yourself. If
you cannot get words of encouragement from other people,
then don't fret. Just make sure you hear yourself say these,
and you'll be okay.

- Create your reality from your thoughts.
If, for example, you want to be a successful corporate head,
then dress like one, act like one and be one. You cannot
just wait, and let discouragement seep in when you get tired
from all of the waiting. Grab and hold on to each
opportunity of whatever will bring you closer to your
dreams. Do this as much as you can.

- Think good thoughts. Think of your goals and let the
subconscious mind do its job.
Do you know that metaphor we used, when we compared our mind
to a land you can plant things with? That's just the
conscious mind. Our subconscious mind is much more vast. It
is an undiscovered forest with many treasures in it. When we
think of positive thoughts, we feed our subconscious with
answers, with realizations and possibilities that will pop
out in our daily activities without us knowing where they
actually came from.

Do you have moments that you surprise yourself, as to why
you were able to know something, or why you were able to do
something you thought was seemingly impossible?

That's your subconscious at work.

Just think good and positive thoughts consistently, and you
can be sure that your subconscious mind will keep surprising

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Loes Premium
Thank you Hilda
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You are welcome, Loes. Blessings!
drsusie Premium
I agree the subconscious is extremely important in assisting us to be able to assist us in getting where ever it is we want to go. I also agree "where ever" we want to go can be a negative or a positive place and that we have a choice in retraining our subconscious with positive thoughts.

Great article, very thoughtful and right on point.
hildacbg Premium
Yes, Susie...retraining our subconscious mind can greatly help us create the world and the live we dream of. Blessings!
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This. Is Good Reading, dont worry be happy :))
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Great advice, Steen...Dont' worry! Blessings!
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Wonderful post Hilda, thanks for sharing.
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You are welcome, Sylvia. Blessings!
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Great post, Hilda. We are what we think we are. Positive thoughts bring positive actions and positive realities. ~Marion
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You summarized this post beautifully, Marion. We are what we think we are. Blessings!