My Journey At Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: March 23, 2020

Starting Over

I joined wealthy affiliate back in April 2016 but didn't get serious about it at all. I joined for the training and would complete a lesson now and then. I never even finished the entrepreneur certification. I finished a few of the boot camp lessons as well.

I put up my website and started posting scam reviews. My writing is terrible in my mind. I refuse to request comments because I was embarrassed about my writing. But- as I kept writing and getting more post on my site, I started to get starter referrals. One even converted to premium and stayed with me for two years.

I finally reached a number of 142 post on my website in 2019 as I got more serious about having a business online. I was posting from 4 to 7 post a week.

We Hit Some Roadblocks Along The Way

My husband was a disabled vet and I was his caretaker. He was the easiest most upbeat patient a nurse could have. After three bouts of pneumonia his doctor put him on hospice care at home. He really appreciate it all the benefits of hospice care.

His younger brother passed away a few months ago in June 2019. That was life changing for my husband to lose his younger brother and his best friend but he carried on. Four weeks after losing his brother, he didn't get up one morning. I went in to wake him but couldn't. I called his hospice nurses to come out.

Long story short, he passed away 7 Days Later never waking except for one moment. He opened his eyes and stared into mine. I stared back trying to figure out if he was awake. He suddenly said "I love you" and closed his eyes for the last time.

He passed away July 19th 2019. He had been my biggest fan for starting an online business. After he was gone, I would sit down to try to write an article and not one word would come to mind. My website went dormant. I was getting zero traffic.

We Pick Ourselves Up And Start All Over

I attended the last three live webinars with Jay hoping for some inspiration. It came! March 15th as soon as I had coffee and breakfast, I started to write and by the end of the day I had published my post. I posted 4 articles this week.

It's really difficult because it's like I'm a starter member all over again. I've started the classes all over again and I'm following the training step by step. I have realized I didn't have a clue what I was doing before.

I am now applying all the SEO techniques from the training to my website and after 5 days of starting over I got a new premium sign up. I was over the moon!

I applied what I learned from Jay, Kyle, Brian Dean and others, to each new post and I took my time to make sure everything was done Properly before posting. It paid off quickly.

I never once asked for help in the community. I will start doing that. There is so much I don't know about this. I guess we all need to accept help sometimes.

I apologize for the sad story and I'm grateful for this wonderful community.

A Message For Beginners

My message to beginners is don't skip the training and tasks. It's set up that way for a reason. It's the best affiliate marketing training you will find. It's a path to success. I probably would have reached success a lot sooner if I had followed the training the proper way.

Blessings to everyone!


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JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Very great post, Fran! Sorry for your loss, but admire your courage and perseverance!

Stay safe!

JulietAA Premium
Hi Fran,
We have a lot in common
Thanks for this post, it is very encouraging

Stay safe.
elores Premium
I admire your courage and inspiration. You have gone through a difficult time but soon there will be light at the end of the tunnel. Keep the faith, be strong, and continued success to you.
mbouteiller Premium Plus
Hi Fran,

Ohhh, I truly felt your sadness in my heart and it brought tears. A piece of your heart is with him in heaven.

It made me think about my husband...

I'm so very very proud of you, of what you have now accomplished and you are definitely a huge inspiration for me.

Yes, please ask lots of questions. Wealthy Affiliate's community is the friendliest and most supportive in the world when it comes to asking for help, encouragement, and much more.

I learned the hard way by trying to take short cuts... tis my nature 😀. I found out that by following all the lessons and especially doing all the tasks actually built out my website business. I'm still guilty because I do periodically like to skip a few lessons especially when it comes to social media. I'm going to go back and pick that one up.

Congratulations on your new Premium signup!!

You're doing this now and I look forward to hearing about your first success story.

All the best to you Fran and please take care.

God's Gracious Blessings to you!

j52powell Premium
Fran, Thanks for sharing your story. I hope you can continue on courageously here and make a success out of it. I am sure people will be very happy to hear your questions even if you are feeling shy about it. Best of luck from here.