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Starting OverI joined wealthy affiliate back in April 2016 but didn't get serious about it at all. I joined for the training and would complete a lesson now and then. I never even finished the entrepreneur certification. I finished a few of the boot camp lessons as well. I put up my website and started posting scam reviews. My writing is terrible in my mind. I refuse to request comments because I was embarrassed about my writing. But- as I kept writing and getting more post on my site, I star
Online courses are all over the internet these days but so many have little to no value. A well written course that offers a real solution to a real problem can be a valuable asset for both the writer and the readerAnyone can easily write a great online course by just following a few simple steps. The key is"simple". When someone is experiencing a problem they don't want to read your life history' they just want the solution. Just the very thought of writing your first online course can be v
Hello to our new and old members. We welcome new members here at Wealthy Affiliate and we wish you much success.I Know you probably came here because you want to make money and you most certainly will if you are willing to work hard and stay the course.I'm sure you were told or read somewhere Wealthy Affiliate is not a "get rich quick" scheme. The secret to your success is written in all the training. The training is a guided path to success. You must follow it in the order it is written and
Guess I should start checking more often.
Research Your NicheWriting awesome content is something you choose to do. The awesome component doesn't just happen, it requires a lot of effort.Learning how to write awesome content is critical to getting your website ranked in Google.No matter what you choose to write about, you need to do thourough research. It gives credibility to your posts and offers more information to your audience.Concetualizing and brainstorming are essential to a proper analysis.Know Your AudienceYou must know your
Our world here at Wealthy Affiliate is a small world in the over all spectrum of things, but it's huge in our capacity to help people.We can literally change the world. There are thousands of members here. We can change lives in positive (and yes, negetive) ways. We are influencers.There are so many that are struggling to make ends meet and we can show them a way to overcome those struggles. Let's be kind and helpful.There is plenty of business for all of us out here on the web so we don't
I have never been active on the Wealthy Affiliate blog but I have recently been so inspired by some of the posts I have been reading here. I just wanted to say thank you for al the wonderful inspiration. I plan to become a lot more active in the future and hope I can inspire others on their path to success.Besides, one of my SWAG task is to blog here and I have been failing on that one. I will do better.Til next time, Fran
You know it is very easy to add custom links into single images in your posts and pages but you cannot add these links into your gallery images in the same way. I had no idea that there is a way to do this and discovered by accident while searching for something else.I love using galleries and was so happy to discover this plugin. Most of you probably already know about it but I am so not the least bit techy that I'm probably the last one left to know this.The free plugin is called WP Gallery
February 27, 2018
I Experienced my first referral yesterday that went premium as well. What a great feeling! I am calling that one sheer luck as it was a local.No matter, I strongly believe in Wealthy Affiliate. Until recently, I hadn't put in the time it takes to be successful. After sticking to the training and mingling with the successful people here, I can see that it works.We can make excuses about why it hasn't worked but we need to get real. There is a formula here for a sure, solid path to success.
Is Wealthy Affiliate a web hosting site? Well you could say that! As a premium member you can host 25 dot com sites and 25 SiteRubix sites. But WA is so much more! It's an extensive,, never ending, training camp.It's employment! With all the training you get here,, you gain skills to start your own lucrative online business.It's a Social Site! How many friends and followers do you have? I have made so many new fiends here that we actually have phone contact and social media contact.Your