You are what you blog!

Last Update: Mar 14, 2018


Just a simple word of advice, "YOU ARE WHAT YOU BLOG!"


Everyone wants to get in on the action! The key to blogging is to find a subject that EVERYONE wants to know about! Then, give it your best shot to educate. Choose your subject very wisely. Make it interesting, leaving your reader wanting MORE!


For help to find those all-important subjects, you can go to Google--the best resourse EVER! It seems that everyone wants to know about success, but not just that broad of a category--specifics!


Expand out into the internet world and find subjects like:

Google Analytics: organic traffic, page views, bounce rates, etc.

Google Search Console (or Webmaster Tools): sitemaps, crawling, being hacked, etc.

In order to comprehend the language relating to the internet, here are some helpful words you can use to expand on. They may be helpful subjects to explore!

Affiliate A person becoming officially joined to an organization. In regard to online association, when a person fills out an application and gets approved by an online retailer, the web owner may place ads on their own web site for profit.

Algorithm – The special secretive system that Google uses to decide what web pages to display and in what order they will be displayed.

Analytics -- The analysis of statistics or data computed from a web site to show growth.

Blogging – An online writing journal known as a web log or blog.

Bounce Rate – The amount or percentage of visitors to a certain website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page.

Content – Important and essential information included on a web site. The content should focus on keywords and keyphrases unique to search engines. The more valuable content in a web site, the better ranking it receives in search engines.

Crawler – A crawler constantly crawls and finds links on the web, saving HTML on a page to a massive database called an index.

Embed – To integrate data (such as text or a video) in a web page or document that uses HTML (HyperText Language) in order to code the language and formulate the HTML data for the internet.

Google – The highest ranking search engine used to search keywords in order to find information.

Index – The place where Google and other search engines save online web site data gathered by a crawler. When the search engine updates, (and the crawler finds new or revised information on a web site), the index will show the changes and the web site will be ranked up, depending on traffic, the amount of changes made and the amount of internal and external links used.

Internal and External Links – Internal Links are links within a web site that connect to other pages within the web site. External Links are links within a web site that link to another web site or web presence.

Keyword – A single word or words used in a web site that add significant value within the content in order to obtain a high ranking within search engines. Keywords are used in searches to determine how traffic finds a web site.

Keyword Research – This is a lengthy activity one should perform occasionally throughout the duration of a web site in order for your site to be well searched. If you have a clear understanding of your product or service, you will able to add more keywords to make your site go viral in no time. As your keyword research evolves, your web site will grow traffic. NOTE: In order to learn more about the people who will be reading content on your web site, you should think how they think. In other words, What keywords or keyphrases would they use to search and arrive at your web destination?

Keyphrases – Unlike a keyword meaning a single word, keyphrases are keywords using multiple words or phrases. When someone searches on the internet, they type either one word (a keyword) or more than one word (keyphrases).

Links – Valuable code in a web site that instructs and connects ideas from one page of a web site to another. Internal Links link one page within a web site to another. External Links link one page with a web site to an outside source. A Link is short for hyperlink. NOTE: It is of the utmost importance to understand how Google and other search engines use links. They calculate the number of links pointing to a page in order to understand the importance of that page.

Both internal and external links help rank a web site in search engines. Some are more important than others. Web sites that provide more links and that use both internal and external links are considered large sites and generally rank up and are the sites that the search engines love. Small web sites provide only a few links and are ranked low or not at all in search engines. It is essential to provide as many different links as possible in order for your traffic to browse around the entirety of your site and increase the bounce rate.

Organic Search -- The search words that appear during the process of typing one or more words into a search engine. Organic search results are the common listings that appear due to the amount of traffic searching the terms.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization – The in-depth study or process of maximizing the number of visitors to a website. This is done by ensuring that a web site is ranked high on results programmed by the search engine. Search engines also include news, photos and videos. The embedding is referred to as a universal search.

Transition Words (aka Signal Words) – Important words within content on a web site that should be used in order to direct the readers. These are the words that show your reader that you are summarizing (ex: and, too), comparing (ex: less than, rather), or concluding something (ex: thus, consequently, hence).

I hope these definitions help in creating subjects to write about and to also further your knowledge of the web!

Happy Blogging!

Erin :)!

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Wow a very good, educational post, with some brilliant ideas

You have raised some good points, and as you say blogging is a worldwide past time ;)

They are an absolutely excellent way of sharing your knowledge, whether its about something everyone wants to know about of your specialist chosen subject

One way of looking at your blog is almost like having your own social network, with no restrictions, one that you control, without being controlled, where you can sell through infocation the sizzle not the steak

Brilliant post, enjoyed reading it

Thank you very much, Dave! I appreciate you saying so!

Your welcome


Hey, Ideas and more ideas. Thank you. All of us should not have any trouble finding ideas to write about!

Yes, they extend to a wealth of information!

Awesome information, thank you for sharing:)

Thanks so much! You’re very welcome!!

Hi Erin
Great article and very informative. Thanks for sharing the wisdom nuggets and be blessed

I appreciate that!! My pleasure! Blessings!

I enjoy the article, thanks.

You're so welcome! :)!

Great article!!

Thanks a bunch, Elyta!

Hi Erin,

Great article, thanks for sharing (:


Thanks, Eric! Cheers!

Great work.

Thanks, Tom!

I'm a newbie and quite overwhelmed. Are those keywords need to be in the title of your post or just within your blog?

In the title, too. If you use the Yoast plugin, it will let you know everything you need to do on each page of your website! Try it out! It's been a Godsend to me!

It is best to use keywords in both your post title and the post itself. I use the same long tail keyword (phrase) for my title and in the body of the text. Good long tail keyword phrases include "What is..." "How to...", "What is the best...", "Top 10...", "Top 5..." "Best..." Think of how you would search for something in Google then do keyword research to find the best phrase.

Other good options may be "Product Name Review" (Replace "Product Name" with whatever you are reviewing or discussing).

Thanks ERin. I will try it.

That's all you can do! xo

Thanks for the very good advice.


Great advice for mmonterola, Jessica!--and to us all! Thanks!

I didn't want to take over your post but didn't think you would mind too much!

You are very welcome.

No, I encourage input!! I love when people expand and interact--that is what it's all about! Thanks for all your great comments!


This is great info, I was actually thinking this question and stumbled upon your comment. Thank you I needed this!

Wow. Great post and share.

Thanks, Larmu! xoxo Hope it was helpful!

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