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No! There are so many reasons for being at Wealthy Affiliate, besides building an income.

I believe WA is a place where people have come, only to realize that there's so much more here than just making money. People are also here to gain confidence in themselves by challenging their capabilities and strengths.

This is a place to establish self-esteem. The community is certainly one for building people up with encouragement and praise! Hearing positive comments day in and day out lifts up one's abilities immensely!

There are so many bio stories coming from a difficult place and hungry for success. We all have much in common to some extent, in that respect. Compassion lerks behind every corner here.


This rings true to the truest! WA gives people that hope, and leads us all to the determination and drive to achieve our dreams. Seeing success all around us here proves great possibilities. The stable platform allows us to bask in a hopeful future.


We are all like-minders, here to better acquaint ourselves with our purpose, and to maybe find out what that purpose is.

We gain the wisdom to shine beyond what we think we are capable of, and the wit to continue in our pursuit.

Establishing who we are in a world full of opportunities, signals out to our soul, giving way to expression. Expressing ourselves with views, thoughts, advice and confidence develops us into the person we want to become.


So, when you sit there at your computer or on your tablet or phone, think of this. You are here for a distinct reason---to develop into the person you want to be---a much broader YOU, with more knowledge, more expertise, more drive and determination, and a better sense of what you want to explore. Success is becoming part of your vocabulary!


  • It transpires from becoming more in tune with results of your hard work.
  • It offers a subtle approach when molding you into an entrepreneur.
  • It gradually equates you toward each goal.

A Success is what you have become!

Live for each and every moment in your journey, and let that beautiful person hidden inside of you come out and have some fun!

Please LIKE and SHARE, if you feel inclined to do so! xoxo

Erin :)!

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Love... eloquently stated. Like Ambassordos come as an assortment of flavors... so does SUCCESS.


Learn, Grow, & Be Successful!
Clg :)!

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I love your way of thinking, Charlie! Great one!

Great motivation, thanks.

I had some negativity set in yesterday as I was looking at a site that had negative comments about WA.

Then I realized that with an organization as big as WA with all the members, a few bad sticks will get in with the bundle.

Only a few, but so many positive sticks overshadow the few bad.

Love WA.

I totally agree with you, Don! The good far outweigh the bad! I love your analogy, though! Enjoy!

Awesome post!!!
I've been reading your posts on a fairly regular basis and I have to say this is the message that everyone needs to hear.

Affiliate marketing is something new to me and for others. I have never heard of it before and I don't really, really understand the concept but I am learning.

I am on the "money making" training/lesson and well, I need to start researching my niche and looking at other's people's websites.

My website does not have the look and feel that I would like it to have but with more lessons, I am sure that I will build a website that will be happy with.

Doubt does creep into my mind and sometimes overtake my thoughts. My confidence diminishes, then I ask myself, "Is this possible or am I fooling myself?"

Great Post
Here's to everyone's success!!


Very wise words, Tom---Thanks! You'll get there! Just keep believing in yourself and stay in a positive frame of mind. Best of everything, my friend! :)! Thanks for visiting my posts! :)!

Did I join to earn money? Yes of course I did. To say anything else would be an outright lie.

But, when it comes to is money the only reason I would have to give a resounding no.

I have been on the internet for several years up until now quite unsuccessfully. I have paid 1,000's of dollars in training where they promised the earth and made it as clear as mud.

So my main reason for joining WA was to see if at last, I could find the correct way of doing things without paying an extortionate price for the privilege.

I have learned more in the few weeks I have been with WA than in all the years of training I had done before.

I suppose WA says it all. To be a wealthy affiliate means you have to be a successful affiliate.


Great post. Couldn't say it better than that my friend!




You welcome F.


Thank you for sharing as I know many of us can relate to your story. Keep on going.



Thanks, I will certainly keep on going.


Derek! =)

I know you will Derek! Reach high my brother!




Derek!!! Yes Derek! =))))

I so agree with you Derek! We all joined to earn an income, but were pleasantly surprised when we got so much more! What a wonderful place it is here! Love your response. It has integrity! :)!

Thank you, Sandra! So glad you stopped by! Happy to connect with you!

Ha ha!


Nice, Frank!

I agree!

Thanks very much Erin.


I never joined solely for the money but to find out if I could do this affiliate marketing stuff. It is not easy and to make money is possible for sure. I am realistic that it takes time and learning from the inevitable failures to reach success. Pretty much the same formula to be successful at anything.

You've got a point there, Rick! A steady hand and a positive attitude will take you far!

What an incredibly beautiful post. So inspiring. What you describe is what I need desperately. I won’t go into details but my situation is not good. I need something that works desperately. And I definitely need the confidence and self-esteem boost. 4 months working harder than ever and I’ve made $7 which I am very grateful for but it’s not enough to pay my enormous bills. I have been taking the trainings and got to the party that I have failed the most at which is making my own website. I’m stalled at the moment because I purchased a theme for my site and I paid to have them set it up for me so that it looks like the demo. I’ve been here before. Waiting for the demo and then getting stuck when I realize I can’t fugure out how to make changes and add my personal information. I’m guessing that I can’t continue on with my training until the theme is installed because the need my website to be completely backed up or my changes will be lost when they install the theme. I am really anxious to keep going forward but I’ve had communication problems with these people and more than a week has gone by and I don’t have my template set up. Hopefully by Monday.

But I just want to emphasize how blown away I am by this post, how it’s written and what it says lifted me up and I felt hopeful. I don’t sleep hardly at all anymore because I can’t deal with the feeling of anxiety I get when I’m not doing something to help me start earning some income.

I consider myself to be intelligent and skilled at many things. And it’s hard to accept working so hard and not accomplishing anything. It’s caused me serious problems with my boyfriend that has lost faith in me and my capacity to make smart decisions with my business. I am cut off from my family because of a traumatic experience I had with my father where he insulted me in front of my employees at work. Too many years of the same type of treatment and I just couldn’t take it anymore so I quit and had no job or plan to falll back on. And was clueless about how difficult the Internet business niche is. I heard a video that said that it was like learnings three new languages all at once. Internet marketing, technology and business. I definitely feel like if I were in some glitch in the system that doesn’t allow me to be successful at anything I have done.

I am hoping that once my very first website is ready and live waiting to be promoted and something that I could be proud of things will start to change and start moving forward. I want to get off of this merry go round. I want a focused plan ahead of me, preferably someone telling me exactly what to do and support and advise along the way.

I’m shy to ask for help because i know how busy everyone is. But I really need guidance ane advise and expert opinions on inpiortant points like how do I develop my small idea into a plan that someone that knows about this market can say yes. Go forward and prosper! Or give me pointers on how my business idea and the Branding that I chose for it is all on the right path.

I have ADHD so it’s hard to focus for me and I can’t clearly see what my next action should be and I get stuck and discouraged

SO I wish you the best of miracles and I will be very happy to follow you so that I can be up today with changes you have made.

. Annie M.

My dear, sweet, Annie--first of all, you need to see yourself as a thriving, wonderful and beautiful human being. Don't put yourself in a place of lack. Instead, step into a new light and see a promising future before you. You are young and have a whole incredible life before you. Choose to make it the best it can be!! I would love to help you all I can with anything you need help with. Just ask.

In regard to your theme, I think maybe you should simply choose one on your own and implement your niche into it. Anyone here can guide you through that, including me--plus you can ask SiteSupport for help with any technical issues. The leaders are awesome with guidance and will bend over backwards to help. Concentrate on the task at hand and stay focused on it.

Always remember: "When you change the way you look at things---the things you look at will change." I wish you all the very best. You deserve greatness and will soon achieve much! Believe it!

Erin :)! XOXO Praying for you!

Hi Annie,

Prayed for you as well.

Just like what Erin said, believe in yourself, believe in other people esp in WA, yes we are all busy but someone out there will be able to help you. Just type in your questions and ask for help. And most important persevere and be consistent in what youre doing.

That's good, you consider yourself smart and intelligent and able to accomplish a lot of things. It's a hood start, you just need to focus and everything will turn out fine.

It will take awhile. If you look at those successful here, they have been here for several years and now they are reaping their rewards.

You can make it! Continue your hard work and ask for help!


Thank you for your inspirational words Erin
I am only just beginning my journey here with WA. Fearing failure in my attempts to create a website on WA & procrastination were my greatest challenges -
"This is a place to establish self-esteem" well said Erin
I am so delighted I found the WA family

I am so glad my post has sprung some inspiration from you! Let me know if I can be of any help on your road to success! Thank you for your nice words, Denis! Very happy to connect with you!

Beautifully written as always Erin.

Some of us, I expect maybe most of us, didn’t realize how much this community would do for us. I know it has changed my mindset on what I can achieve and what is possible for me, as you say it not just money.

Thanks for your nice compliment and great input, Heidi! So happy you are in tune with what you can achieve!

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