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When you post something personal on your personal page to Social Media, you get lots of "Likes," right?! People LOVE to converse about the daily fun things happening.

However, when you post something business-related to Social Media on your personal page, you get only a few "Likes" or none at all, right?! People are too busy "liking" the fun posts to be bothered with business.


That's because they don't like to mix business with pleasure!

How many can relate to this? Social Media is funny that way. Your friends often don't want to join what you're selling or be bothered. Well, then perhaps you're going about your business posts in the wrong way!!


SEPARATE your personal profiles from your business profiles! SIMPLE! In order to do this, you must create a business account to promote your business. Doing this will certainly draw business-oriented people to your page! If you have more than one business, create more than one business account---one for each business!


You may want to create your own Social Media group, where business people can become interested in what you're involved with. Think of how many referrals and leads you could generate!

Or, you can create a business group that would allow others to post their links on your wall.

But, it doesn't stop there! YOU can also JOIN business groups that allow link posting and sharing links! This would gain exposure for your business! Think of the possibilities!



...and any others you like to dwell on!

Make it fun!

Erin :)!

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Quick question, I struggle with social media.

Do you make a business page associated with your personal account page OR can you create a separate new business account altogether not associated with your personal account?
I'm talking mostly about Facebook I guess.

And which would be better?

I hope this makes sense.

From what I understand you are really only supposed to have one personal Facebook account. So you can use your own personal account and then create a business page. I use both with Facebook personal page and business page. Hope this helps

Yes, as dbriley states, you can create a business page on your personal account. That is how mine are set up. I have my personal account and then 3 business pages:

personal: herinnelsonauthor,
business: worldhorizonsweb
business: bibletoons
business: bibletoonsfoundation

...all under my personal account. Hope this helps! :)!!!

Great answer, dbriley! Thanks!

Great ideas, Erin. I'm still a social media phobic at this point, but slowly coming around. I want to create a page on my website where places to dance can post their upcoming events. Would creating a business group like that on my website in order to accomplish that be allowed by Google and WA? How would I go about it?

I don't see why not, as long as you can get the traffic.

I know some of the dance instructors who sponsor dances in Asheville, NC who email me notices for dances and classes. I guess I could write a post explaining what I'm doing and ask permission to post their dances on the website.

But how would people see it...put it on Google+? I want to have dances from all over posted on my website so people can search my website to find a place to dance.

My husband and I wanted to dance when we were on vacation, but did not know the city and didn't know how to find out where to go.

This is a service I want to provide, but don't know how to go about it.

Ahhh, now I see where you're going with this! Yes, have a complete dance schedule listed on your site and then post the page to Social Media with a blurb about it. Make sure you use unique and related keywords (use Jaaxy) on your site! I love how ideas come to us from our experiences!

Thanks, Erin. This was what I had in mind when I started the site, but have been busy getting the background info and dance shoes going. Eventually I'll have dance clothing, jewelry, how to learn different dances with videos from Utube, wheelchair dancing, competition dancing, country and line dancing, dance music, guest posts from dance instructors and professional dancers, and on! Lots more ideas than time!

Your ideas for this site are awesome! Keep plugging away!

Thanks, Erin. I'm really enjoying it, but just don't have enough hours in a day!

Yep, and it's still true even to this day!

Yes, I'm active with all of them including Pinterest.

I need to learn how to advertise with Google Plus, along with

setting up my website.

Thanks for any advice!


That's great, Louisa! I'm sure Google Plus has all that info. on their platform.

Thank You!

You're very welcome, Louisa! Take care! :)!

Looks like I will have to think again about my social media platforms.


Yes, they are a great traffic source!

Thank you Erin


My pleasure!

Great advice to separate the two!

Yes, it is so necessary! :)!

Yes that is why I have a personal Facebook page and a business Facebook page. Same with all the other social media platforms.

Tried and True


You da girl, Elaine! Ha ha! Great job! You could have written this blog!

Excellent advice Erin!

Thanks, Kim! Glad you found it helpful!

Hi was going to get back with you later on today. Was not able to get anything done today had Family emergency been at the Hospital all evening. Will start back up with every thing later today. Will follow your instruction If I need some help will it be all right tod be reach out to you if need be.

Absolutely. I pray all is well with your family!

great idea

Thanks! You should try it!

Erin, the $64,000 question is there a fee?

Wondering????! Thank you!


Nope! Unless you get into paid advertisements, etc. You can create free accounts!

Thank you! I have friends that have such accounts, I'll go check them out and ask them about the very same things you mentioned here!

Mahalo my dear friend!


You're quite welcome, Mr. Island Artist! You do that!
Mahalo! Erin :)!

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