My new logo to honor my initials- HEN

Last Update: May 18, 2018

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A COCKamamie IDEA!

Just goofing around with my new crazy logo and name, HEN AFFILIATES.

Something to spruce up my new site! Ha ha! Sunglasses and all!


H. Erin Nelson

I will be creating an immobile logo, too--of a stick figure hen. LOL!

Spreading a little wisdom and laughter!


  1. Do you have a logo for your website yet?
  2. If so, what is it?
  3. Feel free to share yours here, too!
  4. What programs besides PAINT have you or will you use to create a logo?
  5. Have you experimented with a brand name or trademark?

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Heather Erin Nelson (H.E.N.)

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Yes, I had one but it went away when I changed my theme and I don't know how to get it back.

Hmmm, Bibian---that's odd. You must have it saved in the program you designed it from.

It's funny and memorable, too. And super, super creative...
You can even extend it in the future- a hen with a brood of chickens(your referrals)....:)

OMGoodness! So clever, Vera! HAHA! Thanks for the laugh and the idea!

Yep, your idea is so promising...Further on you can play with other things....:))

Good idea, Vera! Carol noted the word I used in my title: COCKamamie related to Cock-a-doodle-do! haha I never even though of that! Interesting choice of words, huh!? And just think about OMlettes, and eggshell compared to nutshell...plenty of opportunities for word play and consequently, business ideas...:))

I LOVE the way your mind thinks, Vera! So awesome--thx!



I like how n where can i find logos like that

Hi Jason! Try Googling logos with your topic.

Yes, i have paid logos for most of my websites. I'm using

Great to know, Shirley! Thanks for sharing!

Are you happy with them? I’ve been messing around in Canva, making my own, but I wonder if a professional one would be better.

If your happy to share cost I’d appreciate it.

This is indeed great. Funny too!

Thanks, Norbert! Ha ha!

LUV your HEN, HEN! TeeHee! I haven't figured out a logo yet...maybe a dancing shoe? Or a spinning mirror ball?? Will have to give it some thought, but don't think I could possibly come up with anything as cute as your hen!

Hi Carol! Do you dance?

I love to, but don't have a partner right now. My niche is ballroom dancing, but I'm branching out to other types of dance as well. One of my readers asked about less formal dance shoes, and I just finished writing a post about dancing boots. Do you dance, Vivi?

Year ago, when I got married, my initials became H.E.N! Before I was married, my initials were H.E.C! So, I went from HEC to HEN! LOL! How many people can say that!?

I went from CLVB to CLM. Not much to work with there! Clem Kadiddlehopper, maybe?

If I may CUT in here, Carol--haha. Do you watch Dancing With the Stars? Your "Mirror ball" reminded me of that! :)!

Sometimes, but it's really too glitzy for me. I certainly don't dress like that or do any of the lifts, etc.! I just dance for fun, not for theatrics or competition. And you may CUT in any time you please, HEN!


Ha ha, thanks, Carol! I didn't think you danced in glitz for competition. lol I go over to my daughter and her fiance's home every Monday night for our "bonding" night and watch it. We had a chicken BBQ last week! (not hen!)

Hi Heather
I have several logos for different pages and I create all mine from

Its brilliant, free and easy to use. Tons of templates. Here are a couple of examples I have made.

Those logos are so awesome, Daniel! I Love them! Canva is a great source for creating! Thank you for sharing your work!

Love your HEN! My logo is something I've completely not been able to get my head round ... All that comes to mind is taking three letters from my site title and making a boring 3 letter thing. But I know that's not the answer so I'm kind of waiting for one day when I get an idea or a feeling or an image in my mind of what my logo could be. For now it's a complete blank despite having looked through the free logo sites for inspiration. I just don't know....!
Love your post! :)

Hang in there, Soraya! Your idea will come when you least expect it! I've been searching for a few months now, and this just popped into my head. Yours will, too! xoxo

Yes that's what I think too! Thanks! :)

My pleasure! :)!

Cockamamie. Now there's a word that I don't hear often enough!

Ha ha, Mia! I even googled it to make sure it was a real word! I haven't heard it since my Mom used to say it from time to time! LOL

And it's a good pun for a rooster, as well! How about a cockamamie cock-a-doodle-doo??

OMG, Carol! I never even thought of that! How about:
HEN: COCKamamie Creations


Great! LUV it!


lol that is certainly a unique logo, during one of the SWAG lessons we were asked to do a new logo mine is not as funky as yours though

Hi Katie! I'm sure yours is good, though. Would you like to share it here? Gotta love those awesome SWAG lessons!

I do love the SWAG even though I am weak in area's time to get those parts better. Seems my sizing is not right to be uploaded here, it seems a bit serious compared to yours lol

You are just simply taking the more serious and professional approach.

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