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Sometimes we all feel that way. It is a steep climb and a very long way up! Step-by-step you inch along, determined to reach the top. Sometimes a rock or bump causes you to take a stumble. But then, you get up, dust yourself off and continue.

Trudging along, you stop to rest, get some substanence and plan ahead at the upcoming tasks of moving forward. Little by little and inch by inch you go, sweating and climbing, climbing and sweating. Day in and day out, you become more and more focused on your destination.

You stop again to gain composure. Looking back to see how far you've gone, you smile. Looking up ahead, you marvel at how close you are to reaching your goal.

Compelled in seeing the end in sight, you begin to climb at a faster pace. Your legs are shaking, your mind is racing, your thirst is unbearable.

...and then it happens. You've reached the top! Your effort is rewarded by an incredibly beautiful sight! As you look out and over the horizon, you see the most beautiful view you have ever seen in your life! A view of stability, purpose, pleasure, excitement and stamina. You are grounded on solid ground! You are above the world, looking yonder at all your past steps to the ideal place you want to be! You have conquered your utmost fears, doubts and misconceptions. You are on top of the mountain, bold and bright!

You sit down for a long while and soak in all the splendor and beauty. This is the place you want to be, trembling at the fact that you made it!

Looking down, you begin to feel the ease of the journey back down the mountain. It's all downhill from here!


"Climb every mountain
Ford every stream
Follow every rainbow
'Till you find your dream."

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Erin :)!

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I could really relate to your post, Erin, since I live on a mountain and have had to climb up to my house when I don't want to be snowed in.

When snow is in the forecast, I park at the bottom of the mountain and walk back up home. Your description is very accurate.

As I was reading your post, I was very aware of an analogy of your climb up the mountain to our building our online business at WA.


(Waaaat? Can it possibly be that Carol is being serious tonight?)

Ha ha, Carol! You must be in great shape climbing up that mountain all the time to your home! Mountains surround me where I live, too! Great reply!

Where do you live, Erin?


Thought you sounded like an American. (No Canadian accent!) TeeHee!

Funny, Carol! And you sound like a Canadian! HeeHee!


Great inspirational post Erin!

Thanks, Kim! So happy it gave you inspiration!

If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.
Martin Luther King Jr.

I love that quote, Abraham! Thanks for posting it---so true and motivating!

I've read that before...thanks for sharing this, Abe.

you're welcome!

Ahhh....anyone who makes reference to one of my favorite movies definitely gets a "like"!

The things we have to keep in mind is that everyone has their own "mountain" to climb. It sounds obvious, but let me explain:

Two people can be climbing the same mountain, side by side. But each will have their own separate journey and style of climbing. One person can climb the mountain with ease, while another person - climbing the exact same mountain - struggles.

I can't make or force someone to climb the exact same way that I climb, nor can someone else force me to climb the way they do. We can give each other tips, guidance, and encouragement, but each person has to find the "right" way for themselves.

Whether you can walk up that mountain, jog, sprint, or crawl, just keep moving. All progress - even taken at a snail's pace - is still progress, and will eventually get you to the top.

You're making me want to watch "The Sound of Music" Erin! Maybe that will be my treat over the weekend.

Awesome reply, Veronica! You should put that in a blog post! Read movich2008's post (Abraham) up above. He quoted Martin Luther King, Jr.--it relates to what you said. The Sound of Music is my very favorite movie. I've seen it about 30-40 times since I was a child! I know every line practically! Gone With the Wind is my close second!

The Sound of Music was the first movie that I ever a theater....1965...age 4...with popcorn and Junior Mints...Mom also bought my brother and I the Soundtrack Album...have it still..."My Favourite Things" and "Sixteen Going On Seventeen" and "Do-Re-Mi" are my favourite songs...watched it every year on TV...weird how you absorb word for word the entire's comforting somehow to watch it over and over!

Definitely "Gone With The Wind" and "The Wizard of Oz" were 2 other favourites!!!

Thanks for the memories!!!


You are spot on, Barb! I can ditto everything above to the tee!!! Only it was Snowcaps for me! Ha ha! Gone With the Wind is my close second, too, along with The Wizard of Oz!

"Great minds think alike"

I just ignore the next bit:

"but fools never differ"! LOL

I never heard that part!

LOL! Funny how there are regional differences...


Yeah, I've read that quote before, it really is powerful.

It's funny that you suggested that I create a post around my response; just yesterday, I was leaving a comment, and thought, "Wow! That's really good!" I decided to revise my comment, and use what I originally wanted to write in a post. I love it when that happens!

Very, very cool, Veronica! I love it when that happens, too! Awesome!

For your reading pleasure:

I loved your 2 posts, Veronica! I commented on them both. Love the lemonade post! Great writing! Thanks for sharing them with me!

Thanks so much for reading and commenting, Erin.

Believe it or not, every now and then, I get a bit insecure of my writing. So receiving comments helps me to shake off those annoying feelings that creep up.

YES, SHAKE THEM OFF BECAUSE YOU ARE A GREAT WRITER! (Is that clear enough for you?) haha

The floors have been mopped, dishes have been washed and put away, and my insecurities have been shaken off and thrown into the trash!

Great accomplishments, Veronica! YAYYY!

Wonderful word pictures to illustrate an analogous comparison between life and work..

Thank you so much.


PS I just knew the song reference was coming. Beautiful.

Ha, ha, Rick! You know me too well! Thanks!

Nice! I hope my sharing might have inspired you a little!
Bobby O.

I honestly haven't seen your post yet, Bobby. But, I will head on over to your page when I'm finished here!

I'm climbing with WA.

With all the tools Wealthy Affiliate gives us, Jude, if we use them correctly and consistently, we're bound to reach the top.

All the best to you!

Yes, I believer it. Thanks

Brilliant, Jude!

Thanks. Erin!

Great add on, V!

Great point to Jude, Veronica! I like it!

My pleasure, Jude!

Well Said!

Thanks, Don! :)!

I love The Sound Of Music!

I'm going to climb every mountain and obstacle in my way until my dream comes true.

That's the only way to do it, Jackie!

I tell ya Vee!

A few obstacles in my way at the moment but I'm pressing on.

All the best to you.

Awesome, Jackie! I love your reply! :)!



Ain't no mountain high enough
Ain't no valley low enough
Ain't no river wide enough
etc. etc.

It seems like everyone is feeling musically inclined today, lol.

Another phenomenal song! Yayyy!

I know, right?!

I was a keyboard musician. So, I get carried away with the musical references.

Wow! That's awesome! lol

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