Handling the Hurdles

Last Update: May 10, 2018

Profound Thought for the Day:

"Life is not supposed to be devoid of disappointments, hassles, frustrations, and the like. It's not a matter of "if" they come, but "what". The "what" is your actions. What will you do when those challenges come your way. If your "why" is big enough, you'll proceed and keep moving forward. "

Someone wrote about a few challenges they were facing and this came to mind. No, this wasn't a quote from a well-known author, I actually thought of these words! I guess reading all those inspirational and motivational books rubbed off on me! I was about to write this in my response, then I thought, "Wait a minute...that's really good! I should create a post!"

I've been away from the platform for most of April. I won't go into he gruesome details other than to say that the issue I had with my laptop earlier in April - which inspired me to write my post,"Lemonade Anyone?" - was not resolved as I had thought. I had already missed half of March due to another mishap, so when this happened, I was just too emotionally frustrated to write about it, which actually worked out perfectly since I didn't have use of my laptop.

So often, it seems as if people almost feel guilty when they hit those roadblocks. Why? Or they speak as if the hurdles shouldn't even exist! But they do exist! Everything is not always going to be smooth sailing, with sunny skies, cute puppies and cake. It was extremely frustrating being without my laptop for almost 2 months, but in the back of m mind, I knew that once everything was fixed, I'd be back! During my absence, I started a 12-week computer program class - FREE!!! - just 4-days a week. So although I was away from the platform, at least I was able to still stimulate my mind.

So...here I am, beginning again, again... Some have their BFF's...just call me the BAA gal.

So whether you have another hurdle to jump over or climb under, just keep moving forward. And always...

Strive to Thrive,


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lynnsam61 Premium
I've been challenged recently too Veronica. We're getting ready to try and sell our house and it seems like every project on our list has been a lot more complicated and costly than expected. I am keeping the faith that things will eventually slow down and not to stress out about lack of time issues for now.

VeronicasLuv Premium
Oh, my...although I have never had a house to sell, I know a little bit of the process, just with watching my parents and friends.

I've accepted the fact that there will be times when I have to scale back on developing my online business, whether due to unforeseen circumstances or personal reasons.

Wendyg53 made a great point in her post: Even if you are unable to write, you can still watch a webinar or view a video training. I think that's a habit I have to adopt. Too often, if things get hectic, I just wait until my schedule open up. But the reality is that I can still stay engaged by watching a video or replay of Jay's webinars. It all seems to be trial and error.

All the best to you, Erica in the process of selling your house.
lynnsam61 Premium
Thanks Veronica! Watching videos or one of Jay's webinars is an excellent suggestion. I can do that!
MojalefaR Premium
“... just keep moving forward. And always.” I like that very much for I have had challenges that kept me away from “visiting” the community for about two weeks. That nearly had a fatal dent on my resolve to succeed on this journey. But, as you say, “what” was I going to do about it. To trudge on, of course, because what counts is the end! What comes in our way on that journey, does not matter.

Thank you, Gail, for reminding us to hold on strongly to our dreams.

Forever Grateful
VeronicasLuv Premium
LOL...I'm Veronica, but you're welcome!
DebbieRose Premium
Hi Veronica...always good to hear your wisdom. I think you found a new blogging topic for each day....a profound thought for the day. You can do it!
VeronicasLuv Premium
Good to see you, Debbie!

LOL...well, I may not be so quick to start another "series". Because of this mishap, I still have 6 letters to go on my A to Z Analogy Series!!!
wendyg53 Premium
Sometimes the path to success is not a straight path. Stopping along the way to do something like take a computer class or a business course is fine. Everything we do to expand our abilities and skills has value.

Gee, I must be getting inspirational myself. Feel free to quote me. LOL.

If you can afford a new laptop, couldn't hurt to have a Chromebook as a backup. They are real cheap, around $200 and they run well for everything online, including Google Drive and WA...and a tax writeoff.
VeronicasLuv Premium
I'll definitely keep the Chromebook in mind, Wendy.
skendrick4 Premium
Thank you, it is good to know that we can crawl under the hurdle and still get to the finish line.

VeronicasLuv Premium
Absolutely, Sheila!