Small places and small minds

Last Update: Jan 24, 2019

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..... when someone is visibly excited about a feeling or an idea or a hope or a risk taken, and they tell you about it but preface it with: “Sorry, this is dumb but-.”

Don’t do that.

I don’t know who came here before me, or who conditioned you to think you had to apologize or feel obtuse. But not here.

Dreams so big it’s silly. Laugh so hard it’s obnoxious. Love so much it’s impossible. And don’t you ever feel unintelligent. And don’t you ever apologize. And don’t you ever shrink so you can squeeze yourself into small places and small minds.

Grow. It’s a big world. You fit. I promise.

Quote by Owen Lindley

I came across this quote yesterday and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. It seemed so pertinent to myself and to so many new members here at WA.

I see quite a lot of first posts by newbies saying things along the lines of "I hope this isn't silly ... or this might be a dumb idea but ...". In fact, I know I have done this myself.


I want you to know that here at WA no dream is too big and no-one will ever dismiss your ambitions and goals.

We don't do small places and small minds here at WA. Super-affiliates are grown here and massively successful entrepreneurs are nurtured and developed to reach their full potential.

You have access to everything you need to fulfill your wildest dreams. Don't shrink your dreams to fill the ordinary and don't doubt your capabilities.

Never apologize for your potential and wildly celebrate your successes at every opportunity.

You fit. I promise.

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I Love this so much! Thanks for sharing :)

So did I, even thinking about doing a canva graphic and putting it on my computer screen. Let's all be big!

Thanks for stopping by for a read.

Heidi, I love the message you shared in this post. It is a great thing to remember. For if we get nervous when we start attaining success, we put a limit to the amount we will achieve.

I also really like your Happy Days' signature block. Are you willing to share how you did that? I would love to use something similar on my website.

Hey Sondra so true, it seems to be human nature for some of us to restrict our potential. I think much of it is to do with upbringing, where we are conditioned to think we are a certain class or a certain type and should be happy with our little lot.

But not here!

I created it in Canva, it was a logo template I modified :)

WA community is great. I think it helps us become the best version of ourselves.

Thanks for the tip. I just discovered how to use Canava last weekend. Yet, I didn't even consider that it could be used for something like that. Thanks for the inspiration.

Thank you Heidi for hilighting this aspect of self protection humans use sometimes. Let's all move ahead with confidence and determination.
The goals and inspirations to take pathways is unique and personal to the individual.
As much as individual drive sounds selfish, we need to be the best we can for ourselves in our endeavours, only then can we be the best for those around us.
So let us all start on the front foot. eh.

Oh I love it - confidence and determination indeed!

It is so intriguing to see the individual goals we all have, what we strive for and consider to be great achievements, as you say it is such a personal thing.

Thanks for your comment Ken.

Thank you Heidi for the motivation!

You are very welcome, I do love a bit of motivation.
Sometimes you see things that just resonate with you and I am a sharer LOL.

From the smallest acorn the mightest Oak tree can grow

Yes indeed Sam, and we have every tool available to us here to enhance and speed up that growth. I know I'll be making the most of it and not stifling my growth with small-mindedness.

Thanks for stopping by for a read.

Love that quote Heidi totally agreed with you many have succeeded because of what Kyle and Carson had to offer us.

Many have also proved here that nothing is impossible.

Take for example some may feel getting those 300 referrals to go to a paid trip to Vegas is impossible too.

Well, tell that to the super affiliates who go there every year I don't think they felt it was impossible.

Nothing is impossible

I like to think that if we can place blocks in front of us to slow down or stop what we want then we can also remove those same blocks out of the way or even blast through them.

We have everything here to achieve in making our dreams that reality


PS take care with the heat

I was only thinking that a few nights ago about having one brilliant website instead of many mediocre ones.

Kyle and Carson are a prime example of what you can do with one kick a$$ website! We have everything here we could need, and if we do not limit our potential who knows just how far we can each go!

Catch up with you in live chat later :)

Thank you Heidi spot on.

Will be there later hopefully at the same time.


Andre :)

Very nice, Heidi, well done.
Colette and Philip

Thanks guys glad you enjoyed it.

Wow, this great. Everyone has a voice worth listening to, everyone must start somewhere

Yes everyone does have a voice. We were only talking about this with horses the other night, even they have a voice when we are training them and we mustn't stifle that voice because it is as important as mine.

I think it is comforting to think that all those success stories started just like you and I. They probably had the same doubts and fears as we experience and yet they could push through and become successful.

If they can, we can :)

This is awesome and I needed to hear it.

Thank you, Heidi!

Hey Susan so glad you enjoyed it, hope it helps keep the motivation going.

Right -- I like that -- we don't do small places and small minds here.

No we definitely don't Fran. I just love this community for its support and I'd be devo if I saw people starting to cut others down. The Tall Poppy Syndrome just doesn't exist here at WA and it is so refreshing.

Here's to EVERYONE'S imminent success.

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