My second week at SWAG and lessons learned

Last Update: February 18, 2018

Dear Team,

The second SWAG week is over.

The only way that you know your time is not wasted is to keep track of what you have achieved during the period of interest.

With this regard, my first achievement is adding 2 more posts to my SA website with total count of 3 311 words. (The goal was three articles and 3 000 words. In terms of number of posts I could't do it, but in terms of words' volume I am fine).

Here I will have to mention one published post (1 113 words) for my niche site, as well.

The second successful moment is a few lessons learned thanks to fellow members. I can remember three of the many wonderful posts I have read this week:

These are pieces of advice that can make the difference between just the good website and the great one.

And another important thing happened this week - the inspirational posts of the Super Affiliates for the Vegas journey. It's always interesting to read how the successful SA members feel the emotion of the well deserved award:)

Wish you another amazing week and hope each one of us will make the next few steps, which will get us closer to our goals!


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MKearns Premium
These sprints are a good thing and well worth engaging in!
Harizan Premium
Yes, Mike, it seems sprint and short rest before the next sprint make sense!
a1jonuk Premium
Great to read Swag progress and to be part of the Swags team too.
Harizan Premium
Thank you, Andrew! United we are stronger.
Loes Premium
Thank you:) Keep on plowing:))
Harizan Premium
Thanks, Loes:)
buffetearns Premium
Thanks Anton

Harizan Premium
You are welcome, Wayne:)
AlexEvans Premium
A good round up Anton, we can draw so much from the experiences and insights of others, one of the things that makes WA what it is.
Looks like you are making good progress on the swag journey.
Harizan Premium
Thanks for the support, Alex:)

Le's say it's not perfect, but I am rather pleased as I have made some progress.

And yes, WA is unique to this community spirit:)