10 Things That Sabotage Your Work Day Focus If You Allow It.

Last Update: December 06, 2013

Hi guys

Today I want to share with you a link to a very important issue.

A list of the most disturbing things that sabotage our day,That prevent us from working.

I hope we all learn something from that :-)

The List!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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JAZZmom41 Premium
Very important. Thanks for the share!
AnnieB Premium
A great list. To me most of it is just common sense. I think we have ourselves to blame for time wasting, by not setting boundaries to distractions and those around us.
MargaretY Premium
Great link - thanks for sharing.
rightnow99 Premium
Distraction is the hardest part of working from home. When I worked in an office I could tune it out but at home not so much.
Trialynn Premium
We must block out distractions working at home as we do when working 9-5.
hart48 Premium
You hit the nail on the head.
talimont1 Premium
Your list is right on...we truly have to block out more distractions these days!
pcook410 Premium
Great article!

judebanks Premium
Guilty as charged on all ten counts! I'm amazed I get anything done at all.~ Jude