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Hello everyone. I am completely new to this. All I know is how to use a computer to surf the net, check my





Writing short stories

Writing short stories

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I have many short stories based on real events and would like any advice on what is the best way to have them published, e.g

1. as blog posts on my WA Affiliate Bootcamp

If you own a Kindle, there are a number of free books/guides to setting up your book for publishing to the Kindle Book Store. It might help you make up your mind.

You've reminded me that I have a few sitting on a blog which I must do something constructive with...

Thanks Paul for your comments. Will definitely check out the guides as you suggest. And glad to be a reminder for you, LOL.

I like both ideas. Tina

Great advice from you all, hadn't ever thought about the e-book approach. Where do you go for info on how to compile this, Kindle/Amazon or elsewhere?

If you want to write a book for Amazon/ kindle - the best approach is to go to their site and read their criteria etc first. Save you a lot of time.

I would recommend the e-book approach. You do not need to get through a publisher; you are the publisher, well with Kindle or Amazon. Sure you will have to promote your book but with the experience which you gain here at WA this should not be too big a challenge. I recently worked on an e-book and it is amazingly simple - and it's yours! Let me know if you need any help,

Thanks a lot, Hudson. Will definitely call on your help. God bless.

You may do all the options. Start with blogging one or two of them, you will come to know from the comments how they are received. As a second step compile them as an e book then so on, tks.

Thanks for the advice. Yes, getting some feedback would be useful. OK - will do that.

I'm about to do the same. On a real life cat story. I consider doing an Ebook. But how many pages should be and how many words needed?
If really plubish will give 50% profit to cat welfare society for each download. :)

Just another project in my mind. Might work on it late this year.

Great - so I am not alone with this. Good luck with your project, and your 50% to cat welfare is commendable.

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How to overcome fear of writing ?

How to overcome fear of writing ?

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For a newcomer to website building, I think the biggest drawback, and to some extent the biggest fear, would be the amount of writing required. How to overcome this fear ?

I think as much as you write as more confident you become.

Thanks Francisco. Yes, that makes a lot of sense. Will need to march on regardless.

practice is essential.

I'm lucky after my writing I have friends that willing to help check my grammar and help to correct them. I never write anything for pass 18 years or so. WA really help me a lot.
After I watch Jay video I start to write https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/training/the-essentials-of-writing-for-the-web

You are much faster in learning than me. Look at content on your site. :)

Glad to know you have good friends to help you, and many thanks for your comments and your encouragement. Much appreciated.

My younger brother was thrown in swimming pool by his trainer since he had fear of water,he became a good swimmer. Similarly throw yourself in writing to come out of fear factor.

Great comparison. Thank you very much for that.

Hi Margaret. Many people start out with a fear of writing. The only way to overcome it is actually do some writing. The couple of sentences you have written here, show that you can write. You have to write more.

One thing that can help is to use a writing template. You can find some examples here. https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/training/5-easy-article-writing-templates

My other piece of advice is to write about something that you will enjoy writing about. There's nothing worse than trying to write an article that you're not really interested in.

Good luck


Thanks a lot for this very useful advice. Much appreciated.

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