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Hi guys Today I want to share with you a link to a very important issue. A list of the most disturbing things that sabotage our day,That prevent us from working. I hope we all learn something from that :-) The List! Hope you all have a great weekend!
June 22, 2013
Hi guysI hope you all doing fine.Today I want to recommend you about some great "seo tools" that I use.These tools cover whatever it takes to reviewing your site or your competitors sites.A very simple tools operation and everyone will very quickly realize how to use them.Its a very easy download from one link you can download all of them.You can find them here.(not an affiliate link).Of course their is a paid version of it,but I use the free one.i hope you'll enjoy it :)All the bestGil
Hi guysI want to share with you a cool site, Which is a Spider Simulation and Keyword Analysis Tool,Where you can see how Google spiders sees our sites.Which is great because we can see how it looks in SEO terms,cause you see all the tags and the keyword density and the kind of links you have,So if you did any mistake you can fix it,The site has some more great tools like site ranking and website cloaking.Here is the link so you can go and check it : Best-Seo-Tools.netHave FunGil
Hi guysA ping list that I found on
February 13, 2013
Hi guysA nice video someone sent me.Already Bought The DomainHave funGil
February 04, 2013
Hi allI just want to share with you that today I had my first sale!!!Actually someone ordered 7 items through my link.I cant see how much money , but at least finally I broke the ice.Does anyone know when it updates how much money I made?Anyway I just wanted to share with you what's going on since my last blog,and to say thanks to all of you.This would not have happened without the support and help of all WA community.Thanks and have a great week :)Gil
HiI want to share with you my problem. I deal with Affiliate Marketing over 3 years, but I can not seem to crack it. I'm doing something wrong and I do not know what it is. Currently I have 5 websites built on good keywords., But no one is rated in Google. one of them was on the first page but disappeared. I'm very frustrated and do not know what to do next. I would love if someone would examine them and give me his opinion. Where am I wrong and what I need to do next,because it's dr
January 10, 2013
Hi guysI want to share with you another way for social media Auto-Submission ,It's a site call makes the social media Auto-Submission a little easier and faster.The first time takes some work to register to all the social media networks,but after it's done it's quicker, just a few lines and you done.You can engage with the Top Social Networks to Promote Your Products, Increase Your Traffic and Grow Your Brand.You can sign up for free or you can choose one of the other
December 02, 2012
HiI need a little help from you guys.I have a few website that i built in the last month ,and i feel that something is wrong with them.One of the problems that I have is to make content,because English isn't my language,and I have to outsource all my articles and it takes time and money for each article I need.Anyway I want to hear your opinion about the websites so I can fix or change what would be need.I'm sorry for my grammar and spelling mistakes.I hope you will find the time to rev
November 16, 2012
HiFinally I'm back home after being away in the hospital for a few weeks.I had THR ( Total Heep Replacement) on my left heep,so now i'm home again :) I didn't have access to my laptop there so sorry if i didn't answer to someone.I hope to get back on working as fast as i can I hope you all doing well here at WA,and I'll c u around Gil.