My accomplishments thus far.

Last Update: February 27, 2015

I have just finished course 2 and will move onto course 3 tomorrow. I have set up my google+ account so check that out. Please! My website is on its way and so far I am becoming more and more familiar with WP each time I use it. Please check out my accomplishments and give some constructive criticism.



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AllynBeekman Premium
Added you to my circle on G+, Greg. If you are willing to add me back, my name is

I also left a comment on your site on the Being an Advocate page. Good start to your site.
Boots75 Premium
Good job. You're moving right along.
RocketRobin Premium
Hello Gregmpyles,
Great topic and clearly one of importance to you.

a couple of suggestions.
- your picture, I think you should either re-size or crop it. the reason is when I load your page or other internal links all i see is your picture. I need to work (scroll down) to find your content. I think you need your content visible to get peoples attention.
-under "Does your dog have allergies?"
I suggest you start the conversation on allergies and talk about your experiences with dog allergies and the various possible treatments..

couple of suggestions. Hope they can be of some help.
keep on bloggin'
Adeng Premium
Congrats Greg! Nice site, clean and focused. I added you to my circle in G+.
DLansing Premium
Good job and well done!