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Hello, my name is Greg!

First off!! My profile states that I joined in 2013 which is true but I didn't realize at the time what the concept of WA really was. I have returned in February 2015 after many attempts at internet marketing and many road blocks in trying to learn the techniques of getting traffic and creating quality content.

I now know WA is a community of like minded people who are willing to reach out and help each other achieve their individual goals.

I am excited to actually find a place that has educational tools without the need for upsells.
I have recently spent the last couple years trying the online money machine. But, never saw much in the way of results, sales were very dismal. I have tried affiliate marketing, MLM, video marketing, social media, and on and on. One good thing is I am very disciplined and didn't succumb to the pressures of some of the upsell marketing campaigns. The upsells can get you very deep into a financial hole in which you will need more money to get you out of.
I spent 35 years in manufacturing, I went from an entry level worker when I was a teenager in high school in the early 70's to a Plant Manager in recent years. I have also owned my own business for a time in the early 90's, it was an injection molding company which was a very educational experience during tough times.
I am retired now.
However, I have always had an interest in technology (I got my first computer (PC) in 1986) and was able to actually grow with it over the years. I am kind of a closet GEEK!! Just don't tell anyone though.
I have known people that have worked from home and pretty much had the best of both worlds. You know the freedom to work from the comfort of their home, being able to watch their kids and still contribute to the income of the family.
I am also looking for that "best of both worlds" lifestyle! The difference is I don't have children at home, I have dogs! Bailey who is 7 years old is a Goldendoodle, and Logan who is 4 years old is a Labradoodle. I am from the Midwest, live in a rural area on five acres with my dogs and my girlfriend. I live in a snowbelt area and we presently have around 2 feet of snow on the ground.
I am here to get educated in running a business online, create a comfortable income to supplement my retirement, and to live life to its fullest .
I am looking forward to meeting you,so friend me!
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richard49 Premium
Greg, like you I left and just now came back. To our success!
JAZZmom41 Premium
Greg, Welcome back! Wishing you success and happiness on your journey. Following you!
gregmpyles Premium
Your welcome and thanks
LolaAJ1 Premium
Glad your back, Greg.
Love your profile...lots of good experience and lessons learned.
I'm sure you will very well on the WA platform.
Best wishes....
gregmpyles Premium
Thanks Lola
Chris2005 Premium Plus
Welcome back to the journey here at WA.Thanks for the follow Greg.
gregmpyles Premium
Your welcome Chris
eeohome Premium
Hi, Greg,
Thank you for following me.
Several days ago, the ground here got covered by a few inches of snow. BRIEFLY. and I mean very Briefly, we got to see the ground yesterday only to have it buried again.
Best wishes
gregmpyles Premium
Your welcome Edie its been a crazy winter
eeohome Premium
We had some rain. Most of the piled snow is gone, nearly all. Today was Gorgeous!! Tomorrow has promise of more sunshine.