First Day Breaking $100 In Affiliate Sales

Last Update: November 02, 2017

So, I know there are always lots of folks wanting to know how much can you make doing this, or how fast will you start making money. There is no general answer that fits everyone. It's all up to you. Everyone is different. Some get things going fast and make money soon. Others take awhile.

Also, asking folks how much they make can be a little delicate and most don't like to share that information. But, so that you know there is hope for you out there I can give you an idea of my progress. As you can see, it's not a "get rich quick" deal. But, you do the math; If I can improve my income at the same rate thi

It took me nearly a year to the day before I made any income from my internet business. And when I did, it was $.46. Yes CENTS. From Amazon. But you would've thought it was $46,000. I was thrilled. Soon afterwards, I started getting a sale here and there. One or two with Jaaxy, then one with another affiliate program, then another through my website, etc. My first month was the $0.46 but the next was $39. After that, the next month was $89 and improved monthly then leveled off at around $300.

My big hope was one day breaking $100 for the day. THAT would be a milestone for me. I realize that being patient and constantly work on your business will bring rewards. Of course, I do have some overhead. I love playing with PPC and so there's expense there, but I've learned how to tinker with all my campaigns and scale a bit. Also, there's the monthly fee at WA, BUT, hey, it's my ed-u-ma-cation! This is my career to be! And the student fees here are a lot less than a student loan to become a doctor and it's feasible to make way more than a doctor! So, I don't even consider that an expense.

Anyway, this week, I finally had a day that I broke $100, BUT, not only did I break $100, but I brought in $398! BAM! What a rush! So, at the moment for this month I'm at around $660. Do you think that motivates me to work even more? You bet it does! As you can see, it's not a "get rich quick" deal. But, you do the math; If I can improve my income at the same rate that I have thus far, in five years, I'll be at about $5000 a month. Would you not be happy with that? If not, shoot higher!

Anyway, folks, this is just to show you that this is real. It's NOT a get rich quick deal, but if you stay at it, and work consistently, (which I have NOT been doing as of lately bc life has been getting in the way), you can build a nice steady income. My goal with all of this is to gradually segue into this as my retirement income to take a little stress off of this body of mine. And, as I've already started doing, I can run this business from any beach of my choosing!

All in all, in a nutshell, I, personally, didn't make any money for a year, and then in the next six months I got back what I had put into it and got in the "black" as far as my Income/Expense Report goes.

Hope this gives some of you an idea. Like I said, everyone is different. You may be doing three times what I do in three months. Or, you may go two years without a thing. It's all up to you.

Happy blogging!



Everything I have implemented to achieve an income from the internet, I have learned how to do here at Wealthy Affiliate. I've went through the WA Affiliate Program and right now, I"m actually going through the Certification Course again. You'd be surprised on how much you miss and/or forget! So, yes WA is well worth it and if you haven't joined yet, shame on you. You can't begin to make money unless you take action. Just click on the green "join now" button at the top of this page and sign up for free! A No-Brainer!!


For the month of June I ended up bringing in $850. Close to my next goal of $1000 for the month. :-) Back to work!



For the month of July, I brought in $906. Back to work!!



For August and September; $545 and $442. My wife's mom passed away and her dad has been in ER five times in last six weeks, so, I hadn't done much work those last two months. However, it's good to know I brought money in pretty much on autopilot.

UPDATE; Check out the latest goal reached in my on-going search for financial success!

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OldMCSEGuy Premium
I wish there were more stories like this. This is what I like to see someone working on their business and then turning a profit. If you don't want to make money then you probably wouldn't be here at all. Congratulations and I hope you have continued success.
bigrog44 Premium
Good job, Grant.
PBitzer Premium
Such an honest post that helps me put the time frame to make money into perspective. I've been with WA since March 2017 and at first thought I would see results a bit faster, but have found that building a site is much more involved tan just writing content. FOr me , that's the easy part. It's the techie stuff that stumps me for a bit longer.
Thanks for posting this Grant. It's much appreciated!
Pat B
MozMary Premium
Wowsa, congrats on the way you did that and for the great results now, and for sharing it and the big individual picture
RobbieS2 Premium
Great post. Thanks for sharing!