YAHOO Directory: No more

Last Update: Oct 5, 2014


Before Google, there was Yahoo (Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle). Time was when internet searches were done by scrolling through lists that were organized by topics, by real people!. Did you know that? Imagine! At the time, it was the equivalent of Google of today. It was possible to do that back then due to the fact that internet in the early 90s wasn't anything like today (size-wise). During that time, it would take months for websites to be listed, and could technically disappear if editor changed key keywords and description.

Then in 1998, Google came on the scene with a more precise algorithm, and by 2002, Yahoo realized how much better Google algorithm was, which was the beginning of the S-L-O-W death of Yahoo.

It was recently announced by Yahoo that there will be no more Yahoo Directory. So long, Yahoo Directory. Click here for full details.

Recent Comments


The times they are a changen.... :)

Ain't that the truth. Thanks for reading, Shawn

Gosh it is amazing how the way the internet has changed over the years

I was surprised to find that out too. I didn't even remember looking things up by category.

lol me neither

Yes, Yahoo and Bing have partnered and they're also working in conjunction with Google. So it looks like they're all consolidating their efforts, which is good for us (I think)! I am ranked much higher on Bing than on Google, but I'll take it!

Oh really? i am definitely doing better in Google

Did you know that Yahoo is powered by Bing, so there is always some sort of directory of course.

I guess you are right Kholmes. And Yahoo is still going to be around.

I guess it's just another step in how things evolve in cyberspace. Shelf life will get shorter and shorter as technology gets faster and faster.

right on, Carla

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