With Great Love And Deep Gratitude To All My Friends And Followers-You Make My Day, Every Day!

Last Update: Mar 29, 2018

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Twice in as many days you have brought tears of gratitude to my eyes! Your warmth and kindness overwhelms me, you wonderful people!

I won't mention any names, as that would take up several pages, and I'd be bound to forget somebody's name.

You know, I'm sure, who you are, and how you have melted my heart, with your care and kindness. Kindness is the "Open Sesame" to my heart, and its my greatest ambition to become an extraordinarily kind and gentle person.

This is my daily striving, yet, every day, I'm humbled and awestruck, as well as inspired, by a shining example, set by one of my followers and friends.

If kindness is a gem, and it is, our wonderful community is a glittering diamond field that lights up the darkness of this sad world.

To me, the training here on wondrous WA is as much about becoming a truly caring person, as it is about learning the skills of internet marketing!

My friends I thank you all, from the depths of my heart!

Recent Comments


Thanks Garon
It’s a blessing to be a part of a great community

A great blessing indeed Lilian. / Goran

Very nice, Goran! All the best to you, man.

Thanks very much David. May you prosper!

Glad we can join hearts, we are all one big family, WA expresses it,
However, it is true, we are all connected, but like a radio wave that is not correctly atuned, we may not realise this. WA helps us to atune to our connection.
Bless you Goran for being sensitive enough to realise this.
Cheers Jae ♥

Wonderfully put Jae. WA certainly is a family to us all, if we participate, and yes it does help us at une.

Thanks for a nice post, Goran. I agree with you. Carol

Thank you Carol.

Hi Goran,

I believe we are all on this plant to uplift each other whenever we can and WA provides us with so many opportunities to help others and be helped. It is indeed a very special place as are you my friend. Keep at it! :)

~Mark :)

Thanks for your kind words Mark. You, and your kind, are the very soil that nurtures goodness and kindness!

... and you make my evening. So nicely written words...

Thank you so much Anne. You're vert kind !

Thanks for sharing Goran. Let me know if I can ever help with anything. Have a wonderful day.

Thank YOU friend Jesse! Always so eager to help. May every tomorrow be your best day yet!

Wonderful as usual Goran and it’s a pleasure to learn from your own inspiring and heart felt words as well!


Thanks from the heart Wayne. I learn so much from you my friend, not least about expressing appreciation.

When you deal with Real Decent and Genuine people, appreciation seems natural, it comes natural!

I quote Kyle website again "THE REAL DEAL" - That's who you are Goran, The Real Deal!

Good man, thank you!


Thanks so much for your kindness Wayne! Words fail me!

If we all showed the thanks and and gratitude that you just displayed no one would ever leave WA. This is one of the best communities that I have ever been associated with. You are right about the love that is freely given without expectation of anything in return. Good Luck with all your efforts.

I do believe you're right Jerry, we receive so much kindness and support and yes, love from our friends here. We need to show our appreciation to keep the torch burning!

Thanks for your good wishes and may good fortune follow you always my friend.

And I thank you for being YOU!!!

Tried and true


There you go again, making a poor guy cry Elaine lol. Never change!

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