The Right Choice !

Last Update: Nov 17, 2014


Why the fractions ?

How do we mend that broken links ?

What is the right choice?

Look around ! What am I at ? Where's my direction ?

Do you know the secrets behind love, affection and closeness ?

None other but Brotherhood !

The unbreakable relationship that unite and come together under the principle of love, affection and closeness.

Living in today's world, we have no choice but to make the right choice ! We are brothers and sisters of one another. We have societal and ethical goals and responsibilities. We have noble duties. We need unity.

Through uniting small independent forces, great power of strength is developed. The power that could bring numerous changes to the lives of many.

Look at the power of the atom. One atom is so small and insignificant. Even the best advanced microscope could not see what it looks like.

However, when innumerable atoms joined together, they produced such power and energy, that a few atomic bombs detonated, could destroy the whole civilisation and life of mankind, in just a few minutes.

Likewise with Wealthy Affiliate. The same principle of love, affection and closeness is the key to our unity.

Unity that builds power and strength. That seeks assistance through the intelligence and aptitude of the fellow members.

Through giving advice, working together, accepting the opinions of others, we can remove the monstrous adversity that we faced.

With the community, the strong hand has a longer reach.

May we be blessed with the right choice! The Loves of Brotherhood ! The Power of Unity !

Peace !


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Very well done.

Thanks for joining me, Sharon. I appreciate your presence. :)

A very powerful message indeed Norleila, thank you!
Its imperative that we seek ways to unite and heal the fractures that seem to be tearing the fabric of our world asunder!
There is tremendous strength and energy in diversity and it begins at the sub-atomic level. We need to build Unity from the ground up!

Very true Arthur. It's a collective work which calls for individual responsibility. Each of us has duties. We have to live by good examples. Thank you for your insights. Be well ! :)

Norleila you compose the most fantastic posts, always enlightening and direct with no unnecessary words. Straight and to the point.

That is a brilliant skill to have and perfect for Internet Marketing!

Thanks Bernard. You've always been supportive with your encouraging words. Appreciate your presence. Take care.:)

Beautifully stated, Norleila!

Thanks Carla. Appreciate your visit. :)

Great words Norleila, thank you

My pleasure Loes. Take care ! :)

Thank you for your true words of love for all people. We must let it start with us and then show the world what togetherness means.

Very true James. Thanks for sharing your insights. Appreciate. :)

Yes Noriella I agree with birthday girl it is a beautiful post. One that you should be proud of as well, for you are worth being a part of the group of unity in peace, harmony and oneness.
Thank you once more for your strength in mind and heart.
Take care

Thanks Andre for your kind words. We all have roles to play.
May we be granted the strength. You take care too ! :)

Always stay blessed.

Such a beautiful post Aunty, if everyone would live by these principles the world would be a better place. Thank you for sharing:)

Listen to your Aunty, Jazmin. We shall live by these principles for the world to follow. We have to do our part to make the world a better place. Take care ! :)

I totally agree with you Aunty, I will do by best:)

You so right...What the world desperately needs now is Love & Tolerance!

We shall give our love and tolerance first, Shawn. And the rest of the world will follow, God's willing. :)

Great thoughts. Your unity with us helps us all.

"The best amongst you, is the one who benefits others most."
I'm fortunate to be in this community, Doug.
We all need each other. :)

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