What is Your Favorite Newsletter or Blog?

Last Update: May 23, 2018

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Favorite Professional Reading List

I have been told so many times...

Earners are learners!

Staying current with website development, marketing, etc., etc., is difficult to do when there are so many pressing issues.

But it is important to set aside some time every week for personal and professional development.

Or else you will be left behind.

So in the spirit of sharing, this is my list of favorite Reads:

  • Copyblogger
  • Neil Patel's Quick Sprout newsletter
  • Brian Dean's Backlinko Blog newsletter
  • Smart Passive Income newsletter
  • Seth Godin's Blog newsletter
  • John Morrow's Smart Blogger newsletter
  • Search Engine Land newsletter
  • Content Marketing Institute newsletter

What newsletters or blogs do you read?

Recent Comments


I have several in my niche (fragrance) that I follow. Perfume Posse, Now Smell This and Bois de Jasmin are probably my three tops. It's important to keep up agreed!


I get a bunch but don't have time to read them unless a headline grabs my attention.

I can relate to that! :) I try to skim through those I have not read.

Thank you, Glen:

I love Seth Godin and Neil Patel and James Morrow are very good as well. I need to check out your other ones.

Personally, I especially like Ramit Sethi's stuff, YEAH! Local from Justin Herring, James Clear's blog about habit-making and Maria Popova's Brain Pickings because it's fun.

You're welcome, Netta. I also read James Clear's blog on occasion.

Good info....I see a couple I don't know.

I'll get on those right away!

Thanks Glen.


You are welcome, Laurel.

I try to absorb everything here within WA first before looking externally.

That's a good plan, Howard. Optionally, you could look at outside sources for more info on particular subjects covered during training. For example, Brian Dean and Search Engine Land when learning about SEO.

The training here has helped me to achieve page one rankings and national attention (US) for my website and business. That's all from SEO training here in WA! Do I need to look elsewhere? Possibly too many shiny objects for me.

Great list. I also have an app called “Medium” on my phone. I allows you to pick and choose through many excellent articles. Another is smart insights.

I like Medium; even had an article published.

Obviously I need to expand my reading list to outside the WA community. Thanks for providing yours...

Thanks for commenting. It still amazes the stuff that can be uncovered by reading the experts' newsletters.

I like Neil Patel, Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income, and Derek of Social Triggers

Neil is one of my favorites. I read Derek Halpern's blog on occasion.

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