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I am not renewing my Wealthy Affiliate membership. My membership expires in a couple of days.It has been a wonderful three and a half years as a member.I have decided to move in a slightly different direction. The big part of the change is reducing the amount of time I spend working on my online business to pursue other interests.I thank Kyle and Carson for the opportunity to belong to this exceptional organization. WA is in great hands for moving further into the 21st century.I also thank eve
November 11, 2019
Yay!I just noticed I went over 2,000 website comments last week.The image above also shows 2 pending organic comments to review, approve, and reply once I log into my WordPress admin area. Besides engaging with readers, I try to link my comment replies to other pages and posts within my site that will help readers. Also, internal linking helps with search engine ranking.
If you are subject to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service regulations and use or invest in cryptocurrency, the IRS is looking for you.Indications are very few taxpayers are aware of and are reporting cryptocurrency transactions correctly. And worse yet, out of compliance with regulations.The IRS recently released Revenue Ruling 2019-24 spelled out the conditions under which transactions of virtual currency may be taxable.“Transactions” include buying, trading, receiving, selling, gift
Over the last several weeks, I have seen several members promoting what are clearly pyramid schemes. As a result, I wrote and posted a review of one of the business opportunities. The bizop was obviously a hazard to your wealth.Furthermore, I decided to write this post as a means to educate members who are unfamiliar with pyramid schemes as opposed to legitimate network marketing or multi-level marketing (MLM) companies. What is a pyramid schemeThe current definition arose from a 1975 court cas
WordPress released update 5.2.3 the evening of September 4th to fix 8 secuirty issues and 29 bugs.According to Wordfence, 5.2.3 is a security release to address vulnerability issues.WordPress should be updated soon as possible.To check your current version of WordPress, log into your website WP admin area to verify your current version. Update as necessary.
August 22, 2019
Photo by Hannah Gibbs on UnsplashThis post is a mini-rant, of sorts.I have been researching many products recently to write reviews. The focus of my research is marketing tools that can help us build our online business.I recently wrote a post about readability tools. searches have been both enlightening and depressing.As a result of my research, I wrote and posted two recent reviews about done-for-you marketing funnel systems. T
Are we too focused on generating website visitors rather than writing better content?We learn a lot from being Wealthy Affiliate members. We learn about lots of quantitative factors related to building websites. Factors include keywords, SEO, and other measurable things.More often than not, I think we are writing for Google instead of our readers.I read a lot of Wealthy Affiliate member website content via the Website Comments section. Some days I read great articles. Unfortunately, there are d
You may agree that we spend lots of time writing content for our websites and blogs.We also spend lots of time checking our content for search engine optimization (SEO) best practices. Best practices include the right keywords, word count, appropriate images, titles, sub-titles, and other factors.How many members check the readability of their content? Do we even consider the reading level of our target audience when writing our content?Our content should give readers the best user experience,
I am now officially behind schedule in meeting my Super Affiliate Challenge goals for the month.But that is OK.I just got back from a long weekend at the beach celebrating joining the ranks of the septuagenarians. Not that I feel that old.The picture is from our pre-dawn walk to watch the sunrise. Coco is our senior pittbull mix we rescued from a shelter. She sits funny because she had leg surgery some time in her past. But it doesn't prevent her from enjoying walks. At 75 pounds, Coco can be a
I finished my second pillar page for my new website created for the current Super Affiliate Challenge.My website strategy is to organize content around a handful of authority-type pillar pages. Other key elements of my strategy are:Write long-form pillar content of 7,000-10,000 words around overarching two-word keywords. The content will be SEO content, but the intent is not high SERP. Pillar page keywords will be high volume search terms.Write sub-topic posts related to the pillar page. Some