The Joy And Beauty Of Working With Your Laptop

Last Update: July 26, 2018

When I first started this crazy, yet exhilarating journey with WA over 2 years ago, I initially started working primarily with my tablet, an iPad 4. Since getting this tablet a couple of years before then, I had sort of put my old laptop well hidden in the under stairs cupboard - you know, so it would not get unwanted dust, whilst I really didn't really need to use it much. Or so I thought.

And as they say, out of sight, out of love.

Well, I have to say I managed to get away with 'surviving' using my tablet for quite a long time. The first couple of months, dare I say. What was required of me to do by the Certification lessons, I could easily do on the tablet. My laptop was an old one, took hours to switch on, and I didn't see why I should ditch the tablet in favour of painfully slow equipment.

But, the tablet blissful period was not to be for much longer.

As I progressed with the Certification lessons, but mostly in the development of my websites, I soon realised it was no longer sustainable to work solely on my iPad. Yes, I kept my old slow laptop, but its use was soon to become a need, if I wanted to boost my work in a more effective way.

Laptop vs Tablet

In passing, I had to ditch the old laptop and replace it with a new one, faster and with bigger memory allowance.

The new laptop confirmed my newly found theory, that a laptop or desktop computer is required in order for us to really take our online business to a different, more professional and efficient level. Why?

Let me tell you, by analyzing the different functions.

#1. Social Media (bar Instagram) - working on a mobile device, such as your tablet, is preferable, especially if you store most of your pictures on your mobile device or on its cloud related server (such as iCloud). But you can do the same on your desktop or laptop device, provided you have enough memory.

#2. Instagram - there is a way to post on Instagram from non-mobile devices (I shall probably post a separate training on this on my YouTube account shortly, if you are ever interested to find out more). But this platform was created by Facebook solely to work on mobile devices, and that's where it works at its best.

#3. Word Processing - nothing beats a good old solid and sturdy desktop or laptop computers. Tablets are restrictive, in so far that they don't keep up with your typing speed, nor do they respond well to pictures modification. I find working with my laptop far better as I can put my writing and pictorial work together with so much more versatility - a tablet would never keep up by comparison.

#4. WordPress - again, laptops and desktops come up tramp on WordPress. You can access WordPress on your tablet, but the display is restricted, and you have to do a lot of manual scrolling of your screen in order to get a full view. Personally, I find frustrating to work on WordPress from my iPad, but you may want to give it a try (and leave your comment below if you have helpful suggestions on this matter).

#5. Wealthy Affiliate - like with WordPress, you can certainly access WA platform using your mobile device. I normally use my tablet to read other members' blogs or to leave comments. But I strongly recommend that you use your laptop or desktop to go through lessons and of course to post blogs and training. It is particularly with the word process side of posting blogs and training that I have struggled when trying to write them on my iPad.

Invest In Your Future, Get Yourself A Laptop

You may be tempted to think that this WA business is another money eating venture, not worth the expense. You would be wrong. And I can prove to you in another blog that, if you follow Kyle's and other members' lessons and examples by the dot, you will end up monetizing generously from all this.

If you have already got there, you may remember how Kyle challenges us to think what to do with our first hard-earned money: go out for a fancy meal, or use it as pocket money for your next holiday? Or would you rather use it to finance your yearly WA Premium membership?

Yes, you got it, I personally have used my earnings this year to go towards my Premium membership. Why I haven't covered the full cost of the membership yet? Because the reality is that I have used part of my earnings to go towards my new laptop.

If you already have a nice laptop or desktop computer, which meets your newly found needs as an online entrepreneur, use it. And if you don't have a laptop or desktop, then invest in a suitable one.

Working online does not take much in terms of equipment. In fact, you could say a computer is the only thing you will ever need. Consider your investment as purchasing a warranty that you will be able to work from anywhere in the world with the only piece of equipment required.

Till the next one...

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laparra1 Premium
Good evening Giulia,

Nice to see you again. I only have experience with working on a small laptop. I first had an old Acer and now have a Thinkpad/Lenovo. I can not go smaller as then I would have trouble to see well. Michael has a much bigger Lenovo, still a laptop but better to work on and or see on. Now on a trip, my little one is a lot handier I must say.
How is your summer? here it has been quite ok up till now, around 30 plus, C, not bad.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske
GiuliaB Premium
Thank you for your comment, Taetske. My current laptop is an Acer, standard size screen. Like you, I find it definitely more functional and not as limiting as tablets. But the other reason why I like to work on my laptop is because I can benefit from the versatility of a computer whilst working on my sofa or in bed :)

As you may know, UK has now been hit by a horrible heatwave. Due to my Mediterranean origins, I feel I can cope much better than my family. But that doesn't mean I like it, because I do not!!!
20C is my ideal, and my Indy's too :)

Lots of love and speak to you soon!!
Pernilla Premium
Love to click the Green Button on your posts, Giulia :-)
Your contributions are always very helpful.

I'm so happy to have a desktop computer. I also have an Ipad, but I really prefer to work with the big screen.

I think you are perfectly right, when possible, I really recommend a laptop. That has got a big enough screen, and it is small enough to take it with you when you go on vacation.

Continued great journey to success, my lovely friend!!
GiuliaB Premium
Thank you Pernilla, my dear friend, for your support. I don't have a desktop, which, funnily enough, I keeping leaving behind when travelling. But yes, without the big screen of my laptop, I could not work!
RAFStuart Premium
I use both my desktop PC and a laptop, also a tablet if I am away from home and taking the laptop is not an option.
GiuliaB Premium
I don't have a desktop, but same as you, as not always is feasible to take my laptop with me. But, to make my life marginally easier, I have got myself a wireless keyboard, which I can use with my iPad to make my typing slightly easier.
RAFStuart Premium
That sounds very upmarket. lol
KammyBurnett Premium
I agree with you on lap tops. They’re a must!
GiuliaB Premium
I am glad you know what I mean. It took me a little while to understand it, and getting a new laptop became a must after the old one died. But I don't regret a single bit of the pennies I spent :)
MKearns Premium
It goes where I go Giulia. Trips, hospital even!
GiuliaB Premium
Aww bless you Mike!! xxx Seriously, I hope you are well?
MKearns Premium
Fine right now. Thank you, Giulia!