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I am sure many of you will have worked and exchanged conversations with the lovely Wayne.As both Wayne and myself have not been active on WA in the last few months, some of you may already be aware, and this may come to you as old news. But for those of you who, like me, learned the sad news this morning, I would like to report that sadly Wayne lost his life this week in a tragic car crash in Dallas.Like me, Wayne had recently also joined another venture, a network marketing company, where we a
January 03, 2019
Now, admittedly, and like most of you - I am sure - one of the first things that appealed to me when I found WA was the fact that you could join for free. And, true to its word, WA does allow us to join for free.But the difference between WA and other companies, who advertise free options, is that WA not only allows us to join for free, but it also offers learning and promotional material; it offers the opportunity to join into its own affiliate program; it enables us to get engaged with one o
I am writing what is going to be my last post for 2018. It's nearly 11.15pm, and yes, I'll admit, I shall probably shut my laptop down after finishing typing here. But I wanted to share with you my thoughts on balance of this year and what 2018 has brought to me.On a personal note, this year has seen my son started university ... yes, I am sure you can 'see' my eyes still filling up with tears of joy and pride. But 2018 has been a generous year from a business point of view.Many WAers lately,
December 24, 2018
My goodness, I can't remember the last time that I posted on WA!Yes, I have missed from being a 'presence' on this platform for several months, I must admit. The move was a deliberate one, but not out of neglect nor out of lack of interest. Not at all!!!Those of you, who know and loyally follow my progress, may remember that at the beginning of the year I announced I would step back from being an active part here, in order to dedicate more time to my online business.This does not mean that I
I must admit, sometime I find it counter-productive when I come across blogs by other members boasting (albeit unintentionally, I am sure) about their progress and the money they have made. But today I would like to share with you my findings of last night when I went onto the newly refurbished Google Search Console to check on my websites' traffic. Yes, this is my first website (picture above), which only in the last 3 months has received 77,7K impressions (the number of times people see my p
I know I am not the first one to write about the role of the WA Ambassadors and how that affects us. Nor - I am sure - am I going to be the last one to talk about them. It's just that for the last few months I finally grew to appreciate more and more how helpful their guidance can be, and how I personally could take advantage of their position to ... well, to just learn and to boost my business.You Are An Ambassador? What's That To Me?!?!When I first joined here over two years ago, my underst
When I first started this crazy, yet exhilarating journey with WA over 2 years ago, I initially started working primarily with my tablet, an iPad 4. Since getting this tablet a couple of years before then, I had sort of put my old laptop well hidden in the under stairs cupboard - you know, so it would not get unwanted dust, whilst I really didn't really need to use it much. Or so I thought.And as they say, out of sight, out of love.Well, I have to say I managed to get away with 'surviving' usi
Try searching for 'writer's block' either here or on Google. Now tell me, how many posts do you come up with? Hundreds at least. This is because the writing block is something that, at some point or other in the course of our online career, we are all victims of. For me, at first it was one of my biggest problems - the 'what shall I write about' question that haunted me for long periods of time. Or the procrastination of keeping delaying starting another article or review due to ... well, I
Kyle and Carson did promise yet more changes in the course of this year. Well, we are not even half way through the year and we have already seen the massive change to the looks and friendly useability of the dashboard and of the whole platform.That in itself was the highest mountain to climb, if you ask me. It meant for the WA Team to really take on board what we member suggested in the last few months / years. And the ultimate result, I am sure you will agree with me, has been a platform t
I know, after so many blogs being published in the last 4-6 weeks about the introduction of a more stringent European data protection policy - the already so familiar GDPR - you will be probably sick to death to read yet again more about the issue. The reason why I want to add to the collection of GDPR related blogs here on WA is because, truly, I want to make the whole process easy and less scary for everyone. Easier Than You ThinkAs I still work part time for my local council, it is only bu