Do you have the kind of personality it takes to make it in affiliate marketing?

Last Update: January 05, 2016

“You HAVE to be a pushy and a stereotypically, salesy person with questionable ethics to make it in this business!” What if you’re not aggressive enough? What if you don’t shove the product down your audiences’ throat, will you make that sale?

You may have heard (or even thought) it takes a certain kind of person to make it in affiliate marketing.

Not true!

I’ve learned that customers or clients are attracted to people who have the same style and values as they do. Outgoing people steer towards other extroverts. Quiet, intellectual types of people tend to listen to others with that same characteristic.

Wouldn’t you rather do business with a friend, someone you trust?

So, what kind of person does it take to make it in affiliate marketing?

Someone like you!

There is a customer out there who is looking for your style, your ethics, and your sincerity. So go out there and find them!

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I don't have the right personality for many things, most likely including the promotion of WA, so this really hits the point - to work in niches where you can achieve trust and friendship. Two other blog posts on here really points the finger and I'm now considering taking what I've learned here and going with it. I found this blog very encouraging for my journey beyond WA.
geowanda Premium
Daniel, I'm so glad this message rang true for you. Go out there and be successful in whatever area works for you
Daniel01 Premium
That is right on, be yourself and not a sales women.
geowanda Premium
I am a totally crappy sales woman LOL But if it's sincerely helping someone, I'm all over it.
PjGermain Premium
Well said, Lynn! I like how you think!! :-)
bethanybozz Premium
Love it...Thanks!
AlexEvans Premium
Hi Lynn you have just hit the nail on the head and driven it home. Really like your sentiments.