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I'm a 65 year-young granny who has "played around" with affiliate marketing for over 20 years - to no avail, as yet. Much of





Do you have to be a member of wa to?

Do you have to be a member of wa to?

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WA Affiliate Program

Do you have to be a member of WA to promote WA and earn affiliate commissions from those promotions? If so, do you need to be a "premium" member? This is actually 2 questions

Membership is always better.

Yes you need to be a premium member in order to get good commission.

Good to hear from you Gail!

Hi you need to be a member in order to access the promotional links, but you don't need to be a premium member - the commission levels will be lower though for each referral.

If I purchase a genesis theme or other theme, how 2 merge?

If I purchase a genesis theme or other theme, how 2 merge?

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Everything Wordpress

If I were to purchase a theme for more customizations and a more unique look, how would I go about installing it here?

For anyone wanting to purchase Genesis themes contact me as I have purchased every theme they have and I am a licensed re-seller. I am willing to do some amazing deals for WA members...

(admin/kyle/carson if this isnt allowed then please remove this post. I dont want to step on any toes. Just trying to help WA members)

I need to know this...so thanks very much!

Gail here is Marion training When you activate your new theme Gail things will change up a bit but all your posts and pages will still be there

If you are interested in the Genesis themes pm me, I have some pretty cool options for you.

premium themes outside of WA are easy to install.. Just a matter of going to Appearance > Themes > Add New then upload the theme.

In regards to Genesis, you would install the genesis framework theme first and then add the child theme after that..

A child theme is a new layout based on the genesis framework..

Why isn't my theme comment-enabled? help?!?

Why isn't my theme comment-enabled? help?!?

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Everything Wordpress

I've got all the right boxes checked in "Discussion" and "Writing" and all that, but when I just go to my website like any other visitor, I don't see a comment box to make com

Hi Gail,

I read your post via the categories menu and found it interesting and hilarious at the same time, only from the point of view of the "people" who are supposed to know what they are doing getting it totally wrong.

Great the store was so helpful in getting it fixed.

By the way people can comment on your posts by clicking on the date below the post, which then refreshes the screen and shows the "please leave a comment field at the bottom"


Looking good Gail!

Gail your comment box is showing!

Really? Great! Happy to hear you can see it! Thanks! I guess I just wasn't clicking right LOL

You have to enable your comments...

Have done so...this theme looks great, but it's definitely NOT user friendly.

I am using twenty sixteen. I like it!

I would like to emphasize Dreamer56's question.
Can you find that on your dashboard?

Oh, by the way, which theme is that?

It's called the "catz" theme and although I really like it's look and feel, it's definitely NOT user friendly! I did enable my comments everywhere I could do so; even installed the plugin "comment luv" LOL. Just doesn't seem to give a comment section at the bottom of my posts.

Ok. Hope more replies come in, otherwise you could re-ask in the top comment bar with a question mark and green box.
Sometimes there's a "busy spell"...
Best of luck with it.....

I can't help you, but like your site. Good use of graphics.

Thanks! I needed to hear some good news LOL

I don't know the answer, but love your niche and the layout of your site. Great job! I too have been a handy woman for many of the same reasons. Instantly connected. Nice!

Thanks! I appreciate your kind words!

Gail what theme are you using Does it come with comment box installed

No, I don't think it does...although I've enabled my comments in all the areas in my dashboard that I can find. I really don't want to go to all the time and trouble of changing my theme, either.

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