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Update 7th October, 2020:

Some premium themes, such as GeneratePress (GP Premium), come as plugins that add extra functions to a free theme. If this video doesn't help with installing your new premium theme then try going to Plugins > Add New and install it as a plugin.

Install Premium Plugin

Original Text:

In this video I walk you through adding a premium theme to your WordPress website. A premium theme is one you've bought and/or is not available through

Free themes are added from the repository through your dashboard. I cover choosing and installing a free theme at Choose a New Theme

If your premium theme comes with instructions from the developers then please follow their instructions.

Every theme is different and there will be settings for you to tweak once your theme is active. You should be able to find instructions where you purchased your theme and some have videos to teach you how to use them.

I hope you enjoy making your website beautiful.

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Dreamer56 Premium
You are the best Marion.
MarionBlack Premium
Aw, shucks!
Megastar Premium
Hi Marion thank you for the training and also forwarding us to all the training videos compiled by you.
MarionBlack Premium
You're welcome.
halinphilly Premium
I appreciate the tutorial, Marion. I just upgraded to the premium version of Songriter and, fortunately things went smoothly. Your lesson was too late for me, but it's good to know it's there for next time.
MarionBlack Premium
Glad you were able to sort it out for yourself.
Mike-Writes Premium
Thanks for the helpful tutorial, Marion.
MarionBlack Premium
It's a pleasure to share.
johnwnewman Premium
Thanks again Marion! Nice training :-)
MarionBlack Premium
Thank you John.