Do You Have a Mentor?


This Blog was Supposed to be a "Training!"

A training on organization here within WA with special attention to bookmarks.

I haven't failed miserably however, I have had a wake up call!

I'm One of Those Kinds of People That Can Make the Best Out of Any Situation..

Seriously my friends, I could have fun in an insurance seminar.

I've lived a long time though, being a Big Picture kind of woman but, have been neglect in the details.

I have had great mentors...many of which are my close friends.

Unfortunately and fortunately, much of that help included some kind of technical tool.

Until Today I Thought I was Beginning to Get a Handle on Some of Them

I'm not going to sell myself short here. I have come up with a way to organize bookmarks for my WA projects.

Even down to labeling some bookmarks as days and dates so that I know what is on my plate for that day.

I Have Even Begun Categorizing Tutorials by Mentors..



Jay: If you are a Premium WA member Jay's Live Training sessions are invaluable to your business. He is an infinite source of Ninja Knowledge!

The Next 7 Mentors On My List have Been My Go To for Quite a While, Why?

Because, sometimes I need a more detailed description of what I'm doing or, more importantly at times I need something explained in a different format in different words so that my brain can grasp it.

These Magnificent 7 Do Just That For Me : )


Marion Black:



Pj Germain



Jay: (Yep, not a typo...just wanted to see if you were paying attention ; )

Nathaniell: Another wellspring of information, inspiration and help

(Apologies Mentors if you get bombarded with questions but, let's face rock !)

Of course the training provided by Kyle and Carson is tops. This list is just an example of what I have at my finger tips at all times.

And, so much more. Every day new training is being posted.

Wealthy Affiliate is a treasure trove of information from qualified professionals in the affiliate marketing business.

The learning doesn't stop there though...

Have you been in live chat?!

Do you ever have a pressing question you want an answer to right away?

Live chat can help you as well.

We Are All Here Chasing The Dream!

I've Made The Mistake of Trying to Provide Information to Beginners ..

...when I was new myself. Even being here for the better part of the year, I am still new, new to this business of affiliate marketing.

I have however, learned how to conduct myself here and learn everything I can.

I will tell you...

...Ask Questions Always! If I Don't Have the Answers I Know Someone Who Does!

The feeling of being able to say that is a gift in itself.

I wrote a blog specifically about may get a kick out of the blog writing progress as well ha!

I've Been Working My Booty Off on All Kinds of Side Projects

To make sure I am able to be here as often as possible. I don't get much rest an there has been a constant stream of activity around me for months that make it incredibly difficult to learn the technical side of things here.

I Learn From Repetition and Being Able to Help in Little Ways Everyday

Has made a world of difference to me. Even being a chronic greeter and, getting to know more like-minded individuals daily, brings me great joy.

My Question for All of You is: HAVE YOU FOUND A MENTOR?

Have you found several? Is there someone you feel you can go to and know, even if they don't have the answer, they will help you find someone who does?

I'm Asking You Because It Has Been a Vital Part of My Education Here!

As I'm about to lift 2 websites off the ground I am counting every second of the Mentor Blessings that have been bestowed upon me.

Also, my gratitude for my mentor's patience with me reaches to infinity annnnd beyond!

*Insert Cheesy Giggles Here*

So, If You Don't Have Your Moving Forward Buddies...Get Some!

One More Super Special Note:

I Want to Thank Everyone Who Has Taken The Time To Guide Me Through Some Things I Was Having an Incredibly Difficult Time with.

Jay, Labman, Ieoemery and

Mykc724 seriously have incredible patience!

GarySkoglind..I can't say enough great stuff about you brother!

Some people fly under the radar and I think you are one of them.

I don't mean to fling you into the spotlight but, you need to be recognized!

Also, Craig O's! This guy does not mince words. I can actually hear his whip crack-a-lackin' in the I best get back to work!

So, I'll ask one more time...

Do You Have A Mentor?

It's Time to Get One and Crush What You're Most Afraid of Here!

Who's With Me?!

I Want To Hear From You My Beloved WA Tribe! <3


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Recent Comments


Love your blog makes an interesting read.

Thank you Monique, I really appreciate the compliment !

I added you to my "fyre's quality comment train" by the way.

I love organic ...well, just about anything..including traffic ; )

thanks so much :-)

It's my pleasure darlin' ! Cheers to us all working together for a brighter future!

Wonderful bog. Your points re something that we all need to remember. I do have several mentors here but I don't think I have attempted to use them the way you suggest to assist me.

I guess I mentor them from afar.

I need to find a way to become more active with them to move my business forward.


I know that we can feel as though we are "bugging" someone and the like.

It's just not true though. I'm sure there is the odd irritating bloke or lady that badgers someone at one time or, that happens anywhere in life.

To be blunt, while still powerfully grateful. we pay to be a member here. My WA tribe to me is like the Country Club of the IM world.

All the frills, thrills, bells and whistle's without the Kings on their thrones the condescension and pretensions.

When you see a blog I write here (in WA)'s for everyone but, it's also to remind me of my mistakes and lessons.

Take a look at the position of the : under the "More by fyre" on the right.

Look how long it took...for me to remind myself of the BIGGEST thing that Kyle makes US PROMISE we will do when we landed here...

ASK those questions baby...get that sweet sweet help!

(Not a direct Kyle quote ; )

He is an infinite source of Ninja Knowledge!

Love it..
The NinJAY ;)

Brother, if there was a trophy for most entertaining, you're running to get to class to watch him pull out his next can of whoop *ss!..

That would undoubtedly be you NinJay.
The attached would be your trophy....duh.

*fyre sniffles at the awards show mic... and then utters the final words of your victory intro....*

"You Had Me at SEO"

*Mad Giggles!* Yep, NinJay...

Thanks for being you!

I consider all you mentioned as my mentors because I have asked for help from all and got what was needed. Especially Nathananiell because I signed up through him. Great list. Great advice. Thank you. :)

Thank you for for reading Judy and it's my pleasure Ma'am : )

Nate is a cool cat to be sure!

I know that asking questions is never going to be a problem for you

Blessings on your business and you!

I definitely agree that having a mentor (or several) is a good thing that can help build your program a lot faster with fewer problems. I could add some names to your list from WA, and I have some that are outside the WA circle that also offer excellent role model and mentorship serivce to my program...

Latching on to someone is essential and should be an emphasis for all new folks to the field. Your article here will likely set more off in the right direction, so is timely and evergreen in nature (never gets outdated)...It sounds like you have got yourself headed in the right direction, and thanks for sharing!

Dave : )

I liked this comment (even if only part of it)

"Note the ones that you tend to gravitate to," That you spoke of in your 6 month with WA update.

Indeed, make sure they are helping you move forward.

A few times when I was really running in circles, thinking I was never going to get a definitive answer from my go to's,... Kyle steps in and hands me the answer with a smile and a nod like Santa Clause.

I've also connected with mentors outside of WA that are authorities in my niche as well. I am so glad you have too! Talk about people "gravitating" to you in that area as well, yes? and, vise versa.

Thank you kindly for the keen commentary Dave and, please do drop a few more names.

I know already I was remiss in mentioning some fine Ambassadors that, may not be seasoned pros in IM but, are ALWays helping every step of the way and, like me, know where to steer someone if they don't have the immediate answer : ) Pj Lucas *namedrop...I'm talking about you! grin*

Blessings on your business, you, your mentors and yours Dave! : )

Excellent read!! Thank you for sharing. I am so stuck on deciding on a niche.. I want something that I am passionate about because I know the time involved will be many hours working on it. I seem to pick something then hmmmmm, is that the right one I ask myself. It would be good to find some power mentors to bounce things off of. Thanks for the words of advice. Alisa

Thank you kindly Alisa!

You are in are having issues with the one thing here that I am pretty darn good at ...if I do say so myself ha!

Don't take my word for it though. Run your thoughts by me and we will get down to the roots of your passion! You can always get a second and 3rd fact I recommend it! : )

I've had people come to me asking about a certain niche and I read their profile, talk to them for a minute and sometimes I just say "that can't be your it?"

Really though, I just ask questions until you find the answer yourself.

Professional IM brainstormer? I wonder if I could monetize that?!

Just kidding. Seriously though let me know if you need my help just PM me and I will get back to you as soon as I can in the AM : )

I agree. Mentors are indispensible, especially when one is green. You know, like spring grass? I guess Tony Robbins said it best:

"If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you'll achieve the same results." - Tony Robbins

Indeed my friend...

How many hurdles could we have gotten over with a little more grace if we had only known high?

Wow, that list of mentors are the "Dream Team" all of them are very knowledgeable and respected. Congrats! I did have a mentor but I felt like I was bugging him to much so I decided to figure things out myself.

There are so many, many more than this.

We can't always respond to every question in a timely manor.

I know I try. I even let members know if I don't have time and try to point them in the right direction.

Remember to utilize live chat as well.

A lot of the folks there will answer PM questions as well.

The important thing is o NEVER stop asking, okay?!

I promise you advice here persistence and consistence : )

Thank you fyre, I really appreciate the advice. Wish you a very Happy New Year:)

I found one in here who has been patience with me. My personal message is always answered in due time.

Most excellent!

We are truly blessed here my friend ! : )

Mentors are absolutely necessary, not only at WA but in all your other activities. We learn from mentors and as we learn, we should also mentor others. Good post, thank you.

Thank you kindly.

Yes, indeed...I'd not be who I am without my mentors from all walks of life in all the different moments of my life.

Even the trees and the bees have something to teach if we only pay attention : )

Wouldn't you agree?

You are right. Is that how we gain harmony? When we pay attention and learn from everyone?

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