I have issue with plugin and don't know where is my site now

Last Update: May 09, 2014

I found plugin At content and installed it, but it was not working so I contacted support. Vladimir answered asked me my access and I gave it, now few days after I received his mail asking me for access in FTP. I went to check my site and I cannot see it anywhere, didn't give him any access to ftp(even if I would know how I wouldn't).

Have I done something stupid giving him my username and password? I believe everything will be fine, but I wanted to share it here so that all of us be careful with giving access to our sites.

These plugins are my biggest issue at WordPress, many cannot work together if some other is installed, or it doesn't go with a theme, or just blocks and I spend whole afternoon trying to figure out with small knowledge I gain + reading all I can about. Many plugins don't have almost anything for free, but that is not written anywhere, I need few days to figure it out. In all I used over 35 plugins so far, over 15 were far from working for me and few of those I am using I am not so pleased because they tend to have moods not to work sometimes. I would like to hear your experience with plugins.

If something doesn't work, I could search for something that can or ask support of my theme developer-he is great guy, he has lot of work and still answers when I ask some of stupid questions.



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Trialynn Premium
Have you gotten resolution yet?
Funandeasy Premium
I am waiting them in plugin to fix it. I can work on my site, but plugin is not fixed.
tommydillard Premium
put in a support ticket in the website menu and they should be able to get your site back. But in the future do not give anyone your personal site info you can add someone to your user area and then delete them if there is a problem. I hope you get this fixed
Funandeasy Premium
You are right, I shouldn't give my access details to anyone no matter what. Now I have to wait for them to fix it and everyone is busy. Well I learned something new, on my mistake.
Bill67 Premium
Did you get everything fixed?
KatieMac Premium
Seems like a lot of plugins know Kyle advises us not to have more than necessary hope you mange to resolve the issue
giludi Premium
Why do you use so many plugins, about 10 active plugins should be the maximum otherwise the loading of your site gets too slow.
Giving the access to your website should always be the last solution.
If you've done it, you should create another admin user and a new password and delete the old admin user, or at least change the password.
To test plugins, create a .siterubix website or an subdomain ( subdomain.yourdomain.com). So you will see, which plugins work and how they work together without harming your main website.
Funandeasy Premium
Thanks on your suggestion. I didn't use all of them at the same time, but I use 20 of them. I need a lot of pictures and that is my main issue. I have 4 plugins for pictures.