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I found plugin At content and installed it, but it was not working so I contacted support. Vladimir answered asked me my access and I gave it, now few days after I received his mail asking me for access in FTP. I went to check my site and I cannot see it anywhere, didn't give him any access to ftp(even if I would know how I wouldn't). Have I done something stupid giving him my username and password? I believe everything will be fine, but I wanted to share it here so that all of us be careful wi
I will write list of 18 (restaurants, shops, trips etc) and would like to add more info about each with thumbnail pictures (3-4) for each, but would like to make a list first and if clicked on each to lead you(or open) more about it, so that person doesn't need to scroll down for more info. I also don't know how to add thumbnail pictures in everything on the list. I am making leaflet with offer of 10% off and would like to have page with more info on each offer. To know what I am talking about
April 20, 2014
I have created website and had many difficulties in a process. My website is I am proud of creating outlook I wanted, sorting out problems through reading some trainings, forums etc. I wanted to present this part of the world to those that don't know anything about my country. I still have many things to do and share. Next thing to do is to make leaflet to share on site and around in person where I have 10%off on restaurants, souvenir shops, galleries, excursion tr
While learning many new things here at WA, I also somehow found some trainings and resources that are free and very useful and I want to share it with you. First is I am not an expert, but I am certain this can help everybody who is willing to learn from those that are very successful. I am going through these trainings quite some time and I am still learning, hope it will be of some help to you too. It is easy since everything is through
February 17, 2014
Along the way of deciding on Premium I wanted to share my experience. In my free time at WA I have learned quite a lot and I am being grateful for it, I didn't find it anywhere else. I received many free books on other places, but this is far more. It was not hard to decide I want that, but I had to wait for money and that gave me even better perspective and will to become a part of this great community.